Newsletter 79 September 2019

Stephen says –

Welcome to this second newsletter of 2019, time seems to be going really quickly.

It’s a shame there isn’t a national exhibition in New Zealand this year as I find they are a great place to catch up with fellow collectors with many overseas exhibitors also find our exhibitions an excuse to visit New Zealand.  Many of us around the country are busy putting our energy into preparations for the upcoming NZ2020 international exhibition in Auckland next March.  Once this is event is over I understand a couple of clubs will start planning for half- or full-national exhibitions in the coming years.

Since the previous newsletter I’ve had the opportunity to visit International exhibitions in Singapore and China.  The FIAP exhibition in Singapore was a similar size to that being planned for NZ2020 and it gave me and other New Zealand visitors a chance to review the layout and planning.  There were a few things we hadn’t thought of and also some different ways of doing things we had planned; these will be put in place for NZ2020.  There was a good number of dealers and plenty of visitors at the show – an advantage with Singapore being a major Asian transport hub with tens of 1,000s travelling through each day.

The China FIP exhibition was the largest I have visited with something like 3,500 frames of competition material and another 1,000 frames of display material.  The hall area was huge with well over a 100 postal administration and dealer stands.  The trouble for me was there were few overseas dealers and I couldn’t find much to buy.  What did surprise me was the large number of people looking at the exhibits – especially the […]

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2019 Stamp, Coin and Postcard EXPO, Palmerston North

Another successful Expo was held on Saturday 13 April. A good range of societies in the region had sales tables manned by their members throughout the day and were complemented by dealers in stamps, coins and postcards. This event also incorporated the Annual Philatelic Convention.

The busy bourse of society and dealer tables

Displays from many societies filled 30 frames in the adjoining room alongside the well-patronised cafeteria. Beyond that area in the early afternoon two presentations from the Wellington Philatelic Society were well-attended by interested listeners.

These presentations were by Andrew Sknar a members of the Wellington Society and Hutt Junior Youth Club who spoke on his exhibit ‘From Abacus to Computers’ and Sue Vernall who spoke on her three-frame exhibit ‘Fromology to Philately’ the story of cheese.

The talks were followed by a meeting of representatives of Central Region societies. This allowed societies to comment on the EXPO with ideas for future events and gave one of the Central Region Federation delegates, Paul McTaggart, to provide and update on Federation activities and invite feedback.
All in all another great philatelic day.

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Newsletter 78 – February 2019

Stephen says
Editor’s comments
Federation awards 2019
Club news
Information for exhibitors
Exhibition reports

Stephen says

Welcome to this first newsletter for 2019. 2018 went very quickly as so much happened. It has been nice to slow down a little over the Christmas break but now it is back to work. As I write this I’m trying to get last year’s work out of the way before everybody gets back on deck and the new onslaught begins.

In philately, this year will another busy one. I aim to extend one of my exhibits and start a new one which will take some time, I look forward to the time when I can relax and spend a couple of months in the evenings just sticking stamps in my old albums. I’ve got about three cartons of material to sort though. Maybe I’ll have some spare time when I retire! [Those who have already retired tell me that might be a faint hope.] Besides Federation business I know NZ2020 will take up a bit of time.

Society visits
The executive have again been doing their best to get out to the different societies around the country, attending meetings or been asked to talk. I have been booked to talk to at least three societies this year. Others on the executive have also been booked but are also keen to get around the countryside. So if your society is interested please contact one of us (or, if you don’t know who or how to contact someone, contact secretary@nzpf.org.nz who will be pleased to help).

Federation AGM
We held the 2018 AGM on Saturday during Armistice in Dunedin. The attendance and discussion of the delegates and observers was once again very good. It definitely works having the AGM during an […]

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