Thematics Judging Worksheet
Exhibit No: ____ Frame nos: ______ Exhibit Title: ________________________________________________

Title & Plan 15
Is the topic a meaningful entity?
Or if just a self-contained section, does it stand alone?
Is the title a suitable synthesis of the work?
Do the title and contents match?
Does the sequence of material develop the full details of the title?
Does the plan consist of just thematic divisions (no “conclusion” etc)
Do the chapter headings flow logically from one to the other?
Is there a good balance between chapters as suggested by the theme?
Is the plan more than just an introductory statement?
Does the plan mean it is easy to follow the exhibit development?
If there is a numerical classification, does it aid understanding?
If there is a separate title page, does it highlight the theme?
Does the plan cover the largest possible scope within the title?
The key is correct, logical and balanced
Development 15
Is philatelic knowledge sufficient to maximise thematic development?
Is thematic knowledge sufficient to maximise thematic development?
Does each item, and its positioning, as well as connecting description, show a proper understanding of the link between items and the theme?
Does the number of items used reflect more than just availability?
Does the text show logical development?
Is the text effective and concise, without unnecessary information?
The key is elaboration of the theme in depth
Innovation 5
Is there more than just straight duplication of existing material?
Is there evidence of personal study, research and imagination?
Is there evidence of using a wide range of information sources?
The key is “new”
Thematic 15
Is the use of material correct?
Is the thematic text appropriate and concise?
Is knowledge demonstrated by the selection of items, the linkages between items, and the degree of their appropriateness?
Is there material that requires the exhibitor to be a discoverer?
Is there material which is not directly related to the theme?
Is the study and research obvious compared with existing knowledge of literature, catalogues and documented research?
The key is does the exhibitor know the topic so well that the material links perfectly with the theme?
Philatelic 15
Does all material fit the rules for what can be exhibited?
Is there a wide range of philatelic material used?
Is there a good range of types of material on each page?
Are there items of philatelic significance?
Is there a balance of different types of material from all periods and a wide range of countries within the possibilities of the theme?
Are there any mini-philatelic studies that tie in with the theme?
The key is does the exhibitor understand the wide range of material that can be used, and is it with the theme?
Condition 10
Is the quality what you would expect considering what is available?
Ditto the most important material?
If any material is repaired, has it been identified? Is it necessary to use?
How difficult would it be to upgrade poorer material?
Is all modern material in perfect condition?
Are booklets complete (rather than just a cover, for instance)?
Are cancellations clear?
Do the cancels allow stamps to show their thematic relevance?
The key is how good is the material shown compared with that available?
Rarity 20
What is the quality of the prime material in the exhibit?
Is there a high level of difficulty with acquisition?
How easy would it be to duplicate the main material?
Are varieties, proofs, essays etc scarcer than the issue itself?
Do rare items relate to the theme?
The key is absolute scarcity and difficulty of acquisition
Is the clarity of the display good?
Is the clarity of the text good?
Does the exhibit have an overall aesthetic balance?
Is the method of displaying material neat and clean?
Is the text easy to read?
Are headings suitable without detracting from the material?
The key is balance