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New Zealand Exhibitions

9th NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition

This exhibition was held in late June last year and is a biennial event organised by the Central Districts Philatelic Trust for the Manawatu Philatelic Society. It is now well recognised throughout NZ and internationally. In 2005 81 entries were submitted – 56 books and 25 periodicals. The Grand Award was won by Joseph Chalhoub of Canada for The Nile Post Handbook and Catalogue of Egyptian Stamps. The best NZ entry was the Philatelic Bibliography of NZ & Dependencies, by Allan Berry, Robin Startup and David Beech. It received a Large Vermeil medal and the Felicitations of the Jury.

[A full list of publications and awards can be found at 9th Literature exhibition. These and previous publications exhibited are held in the Manawatu Philatelic Society library. Detailed lists can be found at Manawatu Philatelic Society under National Philatelic Exhibition Library Holding.]

New Zealand 2005

This national exhibition was held on the North Shore in November. The exhibition attracted 137 exhibitors showing 575 competitive frames of material. In addition, there was a novel display of stamps over the 150 years that NZ has had postage stamps. The Grand Award went to Arthur Gray of NSW with George V Commemorative and Pictorial Issues of 1927-1936 and the runner-up was Margaret Horton of Auckland with Commonwealth of Australia Envelopes 1913-1937.

Upcoming New Zealand exhibitions

There is an interesting programme of exhibitions coming up for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections.

KIWIPEX 2006 (FIAP support), 2 – 5 Nov 2006, Christchurch
NORTHLAND 2007, 31 Mar – 1 Apr 2007, Whangarei (Traditional, Postal Stationery, Open, One-frame classes)
HUTTPEX 2007, 31 Aug – 2 Sep 2007, Lower Hutt (Postal History, Thematics, Youth, Revenues, Maximaphily, Aero, Polar, First Day Covers)
TARAPEX 2008, dates to be confirmed, New Plymouth (incorporating the Australasian Challenge)
TIMPEX 2009, Sep 2009, Timaru

Overseas Exhibitions

Kaohsiung (Republic of China)

Kaohsiung hosted a non-competitive exhibition 7 – 11 October 2005. Only four countries (other than the host country) were invited to participate: New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Australia. 13 entries were provided by New Zealand, excellent publicity for New Zealand philately.

Washington 2006

Ten entries have been accepted for Washington 2006 and Ross Marshall has been appointed as a judge.

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Canberra Stamp Show, 18 – 20 Mar, 2006 Commissioners: David Loe (NI), Steve McLachlan (SI) Australasian Challenge event)
Edmonton 2006, 24 – 26 Mar 2006, Commissioner / Judge Norman Banfield
Washington ’06, 27 May – 3 Jun 2006, Commissioner Don Richardson
Adelaide Stampex 2006, 18 – 20 Aug 2006, Commissioner Robert Livingstone (inc Five Nations Challenge)
Espana 2006, 7 – 13 Oct, 2006 Commissioner Robin Gwynn
Belgica 2006, 6 – 20 Nov, 2006 Commissioner Jeff Long
Dubai 2006, 13 – 16 Nov 2006 Commissioner Ross Marshall
China 2006, to be confirmed, Commissioner Barry Scott
Sydney 2007, 23 – 25 Mar 2007 (full national)
Brasiliana 2007, to be confirmed, Commissioner Barry Scott
Hong Kong 2007 to be confirmed
Canberra 2008 15 – 17 Mar, 2007 (half national)
Brisbane 2008 August, 2008 (half national)
Israel 2008, 14 – 22 May, Tel Aviv
EFlRO 2008, 15 – 22 Jun 2008, Bucharest, Commissioner Ross Marshall

Use of photocopies in exhibits

There is now a definitive statement about the use of photocopies in exhibit. Photocopies of the reverse side of covers should be reduced by 25% – further details can be found on the NZPF website at exhibition photocopies.

NZ Post News

Upcoming Issues for NZ POST include:
Feb Hawke Bay Earthquake commemorative issue
Mar 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne
Apr the Queens’ 80th Birthday (joint issue with Jersey)
May Washington exhibition issue
Jun Maori Performing Arts
Jul Renewable Energy
Aug Health (‘five fruit and veges a day’)
Sep Gold Rushes
Oct Summer Festivals
Nov Ross Dependency (50th anniversary of Hilary’s trans-continenta1 trip), Christmas

… and surely an issue to commemorate Kiwipex 2006!

Postcards – a new National Exhibiting Class

Picture postcards has been approved by Federation as a national competitive exhibiting class. The class was offered at NZ 2005 and is offered at Kiwipex 2006 exhibitions so far. Details are available from the Editor of this News Release, the Federation Resource Kit, and on the NZPF website at postcards.

Open Class

The NZPF has adopted the FIP regulations for this class. A breakdown of the marks is as follows:

Title, Idea and Creativity   20 marks
Treatment   40 marks
    Plan & Development   20 marks
    Research & Knowledge of the Subject   20 marks
Material   25 marks
    Rarity  15 marks
    Intelligent use and variety of non-philatelic material  10 marks
Presentation   15 marks
Total 100 marks

The philatelic material is required to cover approximately 50% of the extent of the exhibit, and must be no thicker than 5mm to fit into the standard exhibition frames. Medals, rather than certificates, will be used in NZ.

Apprentice Judges at National Exhibitions

A guideline regarding apprentice judges will be included in the next update to the Judges Manual.

Qualification to remain on the NZ National Judges Register

One qualification to remain on the Judges’ Register is, within the last five years, the person has entered a competitive philatelic section of an approved national (or higher) exhibition with an exhibit of three frames or more and been awarded at least 75 points (national vermeil or international large silver). It has now been clarified that an approved exhibition includes a national in NZ, Australia or Canada; for FIAP international exhibitions with FIAP patronage, auspices or support; or FIP international exhibitions with patronage, auspices or recognition.

Federation Rules, Bylaws and Membership

The Federation Secretary has embarked on a major task of updating the Federation Bylaws & Procedures document.

Social Class

With the ongoing development of the Open Class to the stage where is now an experimental class at the world level, the Federation would like to receive feedback on whether or not the Social Class should be dropped as a national class at some future time. This request has already been sent to all members of Federation, but with little response so far. Please send your ideas to the Secretary at [email protected]

2005 Federation Awards

Bruce Marshall was awarded the Federation Award of Honour, but regrettably Bruce died a few days before the presentation could be made.

Colin Larsen was the recipient of the Philatelist of the Year
John Paston received the Deserving Philatelist award
Morgan Winterburn of Kapiti was the Youth Philatelist of the Year.

Congratulations to all.

Federation brochures

Just a reminder that the Federation has a number of brochures available at no cost. These include:

  • I’ve Inherited a Stamp Collection: Where do I go to from here?
  • Why Not Join a Stamp Club?
  • I’ve Just Found My Old Stamp Collection: Why Not Start Collecting Again ?
  • Stamp Exhibitions”

A further brochure on Estate Planning is being developed and should be available shortly. Copies of brochures are available at no cost from the Federation Secretary. They can also been found on the website at Brochures.

Upcoming Federation Meetings

March 11 Wellington
July 22 Wellington
November 24/25 (including AGM) Central Region (date to be confirmed)

If you have any matters you would like discussed at a Federation meeting, please contact your local Federation Executive member or the Federation Secretary. Contact details can be found at About NZPF under Executive Committee.

Federation 2005 Annual General Meeting

This meeting was kindly hosted by the Christchurch Philatelic Society on 26 Nov 2005.

There were no remits to be considered, and no changes to levies. The President’s Report and Financial Report (both already distributed to member clubs and societies) were received. The schedule of national philatelic judges for 2006 was approved. A report received on the activities of the N Z National Philatelic Trust detailed payments made for philatelic promotion totalling $23,815 since the last Federation AGM. President Jenny Banfield and Secretary Dave Fentress were re-appointed unopposed.

Youth Camp 2006

This will be held in the Auckland region July 2-9 2006. How about your club or society sponsoring a young collector?

Robert Samuel Memorial Lecture

Bob Odenweller RDP was invited to present a paper as part of this lecture series. The topic centred on ‘a fresh approach to collecting NZ material 1898-1907.’ Bob kindly presented his paper and display in both Wellington and Christchurch, as well as at the NZ 2005 exhibition.

Bob’s paper will be distributed in due course by the Philatelic Foundation (Christchurch), which acts as the trustees.

YOUR web page on the Federation site

Have you updated your page yet ? A number of clubs have responded to the webmaster’s request, but some clubs still have pages very much out-of-date. Bob Gibson is happy to receive updates either electronically or in paper form, so how about looking at your page TODAY and seeing if it is up to date?

Contact [email protected]. The site is at www.nzpf.org.nz.

Judging Seminar

A judging seminar will be held in the Community Leisure Centre, Ferguson St, Palmerston North starting at 9am on Sunday June 18 2006. The subject will be the ‘one frame class.’ Contact Colin Larsen at [email protected] for further details.

Note that the NZ Interclub One-frame competition will be held in conjunction with the Manawatu Convention the previous day, so why not make a weekend of it?

News Release for National Judges and Apprentices

The Federation has asked that copies of the News Release be sent to all national judges and apprentices as an email attachment to those judges and apprentices which have email. Persons without email will be sent copies by post only on specific request, so let me know if you fit into the latter category.

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at [email protected] or the Secretary, Dave Fentress, at P O Box 19-119, Hamilton or at [email protected]

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