New Zealand exhibitors at overseas exhibitions

This website records results of New Zealand exhibitors at overseas exhibitions from 2015.  International exhibitions, which involve multiple countries includes those held under the auspices of FIP, FIAP or FEPA.  NZ participates in National exhibitions in overseas through accords between NZPF and the Federation of host country (e.g. APF in Australia and EPA for the United Arab Emirates) or by invitation.

Year New Zealand Exhibitors at Overseas Exhibitions
2021 Bangabandhu (Bangladesh virtual)
2020 AusVipex (Aust virtual) Canberra 2020 (Aust)
2019 Aeropex (Australia) Adelaide Sharjah 2016 (EPA National) Singapore 2019 (FIAP)
Bunbury (Aust 1-frame) Royal 2019 Royale (Canada) China 2019 (FIP) Wuhan
Sydney 2019 (Aust) Stockholmia 2019
2018 Thailand 2018 (FIP) Macau 2018 (FIAP) Praga 2018 (FIP) Prague
Nordia 2018 (FEPA) Iceland Newcastle 2018 (Aust Half) Canberra 2018 (Aust Half)
EPAEX 2018 (UAE National), Dubai
2017 Brasilia 2017 (FIP) Adelaide Stampex 2017 (Aust) Bandung 2017 (FIP) Indonesia
Finlandia 2017 (FEPA) Melbourne 2017 (FIAP)
2016 China 2016 (FIAP) Nanning Mandurah 2016 Fair (Aust Half) Sharjah 2016 (EPA National)
PhilaTaipei 2016 (FIP) Adelaide Stampex 2016 (Aust) Thailand 2016 (FIAP)</td.
World Stamp Show New York (FIP) Canberra 2016 (Aust Half)
2015 Hong Kong 2015 (FIAP) Singapore 2015 (FIP) Taipei 2015 (FIAP)
Sydney Stamp Expo 2015 (Aust)