Grand Award: Brian Peace Australasian Crash Mail, Volume 3: 1936-1939
Runner-up to Grand Award: Salam Hany The Egyptian Maritime Postal History:1845-1889


Author Entrant Title Marks,Award Date

Class A Books & monographs

Blinco, Jeff; Blinco, John; Fernbank, Peter British West Indies Study Circle King Edward VII Imperium Keyplates 89 G 2020
Capill, Colin Royal Philatelic Society of NZ New Zealand Post’s Products & Services, The First 11 Years 1987-1998 85 G 2021
Cook, Christopher S Anchor Press Dante on Stamps, A Septicentennial Catalog 78 V 2021
Ellott,Gerald; Harding, Neil; Vaassen, Sue Neil Harding Waiheke Island Post Offices 1876 – 2019 74 LS 2021
Hancox, Terry New Zealand 1969 Cook Bicentenary Plating 77 V 2019
Kibble, Daryl Captain James Cook, Third Voyage 1776-1780 First Day & Event Covers 74 LS
Mansfield, Anthony Unofficial Overprints and Perfins 75 V
Peace, Brian R Australasian Crash Mail, Volume 3: 1936-1939 93 LG+F 2021
Piercey, David Philatelic Specialists Society Canada Philatelic Specialists Look at Local Postal History 77 V 2020
Salam, Hany Maselis, Patrick The Egyptian Maritime Postal History, 1845-1889 90 LG+ F 2019
Singh, Gurbir Astrotalkuk Publications India’s Forgotten Rocket Pioneer, Stephen H Smith 71 LS 2020
Smitham, David Airmail Society of New Zealand The Airmails of NZ, The Inland Flights: An Aerophilatelic History 78 V 2020
van der Linden, James Maselis, Patrick Mails Across the Oceans, From the beginning to 1875 90 LG 2019
van Herpt, Paul Scouting’s Mail (NZ Scout & Guide Philately, A Historical Review) 74 LS 2021
Vincent, Brian & Bloxham, Richard Royal Philatelic Society of NZ Celebrating 100 Years of the NZ Stamp Collector, 1919-2019 82 LV 2020
Wijnants, Paul Beyond the Sea; Maritime Mail before 1878, Monaco 2019 Exhibition 80 LV 2019

Class B Periodicals

Bloxham, Richard (Editor) Royal Philatelic Society of NZ The New Zealand Stamp Collector 84 LV 2020
Creagh, Jenni (Editor) Philatelic Society of Canberra Capital Philately 77 V 2019, 2020
Jones, Stephen (Editor) Christchurch Philatelic Society Captain Coqk 72 LS 2020
Kamholz, Ken (Publisher) International Society Japanese Philately Japanese Philately 85 G 2020
McMahon, Ian (Editor) Postal Stationery Society Australia Postal Stationery Collector 81 LV 2020
Shan, Timir R (Editor) Baroda Philatelic Society Vadophil 67 S
Shaw P C (Editor) Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journal no 24 86 G 2020
Shimell, Trevor (Editor) Fellowship of Samoa Specialists The Samoa Express 73 LS 2020
Tunnicliffe, Alan (Editor) Airmail Society of New Zealand New Zealand Airmail News, nos 807 to 812 74 LS 2020
Wreglesworth, Paul (Editor) New Zealand Society of Great Britain The Kiwi 80 LV 2020

Class C Catalogues

Bond, Peter Peter Bond The Postage Stamps of Aden, 1937-1968 68 S 2020
Bond, Peter Peter Bond Australian Commemorative Postmarks 1879-1980, 3rd Edition 80 LV 2019
Smitham, David Airmail Society of New Zealand The New Zealand Airmail Catalogue, 4th edition 82 LV 2021

Class D Digital entries

Balcaen, Paul & Hargreaves, Chris Canadian Aerophilatelic Society The Canadian Aerophilatelist 78 V 2020
Blyth, Jo & Ward, Tony Known NZ Personalised Stamps 2020 62 SB 2021
Ellott, Gerald Ellott, Gerald The Postal History of Post Office Otago (Otakau) 85 G 2021
Goodman, Michael National Philatelic Society, UK Stamp Lover 76 V 2021
Lim Lik 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games 66 S
Loe, David Loe, David The Postal History of United States Forces in Iceland in WW2 76 V 2021
Manson, Tony Scouts on Stamps Society International Canadian Boy Scout & Girl Guide Philatelic Catalogue 79 V 2021
McNiven, Andrew Upper Hutt Stamp Club Upper Hutt Stamp Club Newsletter 71 LS 2020
Rouk, Patrick R Scouts on Stamps Society International SOSSI Journal 73 LS 2020
Schafstall, Charles Scouts on Stamps Society International Scout & Guide Meter Stamp Catalogue 73 LS 2021
Dautricourt, Heloise Delcampe Delcampe Magazine Hors Serie 1 to 3 Hors concours 2020

Class E Websites, social media, etc.

Berthin, Lisa Stampcat Stamps Special Award
Chitty, Lindsay Chitty, Lindsay 77 V
Dobney, Jayson Kerr Musical Stamps 79 V
Fisher, Lawrence Stamps and stories 74 LS
Gavin, James 79 V
Manta, Victor Philatelic Webmasters Organisation 73 LS
Marshall, Ross 74 LS
McLaren, Sinclair Dunedin Stamp & Postcard Club 77 V
Murphy, Niall International Moldovan Philatelic Society 79 V
Nessel, Ingo Philatelic Specialists Society Canada 77 V
Richter, Exodus Etienne I’ll be Stamped Special Award
Sun, Richard Richard Philatelist Special Award
Taege, Murray Christchurch Philatelic Society www.cps.gen/nz 72 LS

Class H Social media development

Dash, Rakhel RD’s Stamp Collection 66 S
Nessel, Ingo Just Beautiful Stamps Hors concours