NZPF Northern Region established 1957



Riverbank Centre, Reyburn House Lane, Town Basin, Whangarei 2nd Wednesday each month at 1:30pm from February to December.
All meetings have a session of items of interest provided by members and also a one page display on a set subject or letter of the alphabet which is not judged.
We also have a sales table which is available before the meeting and at intervals during the meeting.

Door charges: $2.00 if there is no speaker or it is a club speaker; $5.00 if there is an invited speaker.

Calendar of events


Jun 10 – Whangarei Stamp Fair
Jun 14 – Members 1-page postcards 'S' or 'art works'
Jul 12 – David Bell; 1-page 'T' or 'travel'
Aug 9 – Martin Treadwell; 1-page 'U' or 'Pacific'
Aug 19 – Whangarei Stamp Fair
Sep 13 – Members' choice; 1-page 'V' or 'flowers'
Oct 11 – AGM; Earle Howe; 1-page 'W' or 'architecture'
Nov 8 – Ambury Shield entries; 1-page 'X', 'Y' and 'Z' or 'Xmas'
Dec 13 – Christmas party


Club activities and services

Stamp Fairs

Stamp fairs are held on two Saturdays each year.

Combined Meetings

These are held in combination with the Kaitaia Stamp Club and Kerikeri Stamp Club as a combined meeting for all members of the Association of Northern Philatelic Societies.

Club Trophies

The Society runs a number of competitions throughout the year. Members compete for the following trophies:

  • Kotahi Cup: traditional competition for experienced competitors up to 16-pages. Entries due in May.
  • Miller Cup: traditional competition for novice entrants up to 16-pages. Entries due in May.
  • Postal History, Thematic (prize provided by NZ Post) and Social: up to 16-pages. Entries due in November for presentation at the Christmas meeting.


The Society’s library contains many excellent reference books which are readily available for your use.


Subscriptions for the year October to September are as follows:
Town Members $25.00 per annum
Town Family Members $35.00 per annum
Country Members $20.00 per annum
Country Family Members $27.50 per annum
Members joining from 1 March only 50% of subscription is payable.