NZPF Southern Region established 1944


Philatelic Centre, 67 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 4th Wednesday monthly at 7:30pm.
and thematic meetings are held at 7:30pm on 5th Wednesday when months have five Wednesdays.

Afternoon buy and swap meetings are held at 1:00pm on 1st Wed each month.

Calendar of events

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Club activities and services


Stamping Around, the clubs’ monthly newsletter, is posted to all members.

Stamp auctions

Stamp auctions are held three times a year in April, August and October.


Competitions range from annual competitive stamp displays to one page and sometimes treasure hunt type competitions.

Sales table

A sales table is operated at all meetings where members can buy or dispose their surplus stamps. A very nice selection of material is always on offer.

The club has an active exchange branch which enables members to purchase stamps in their own home.

75th Anniversary Exhibition

As at 1 May, planning the celebrations is well underway and more details will be provided as they come to hand.

There is to be a two-day exhibition of stamps and postcards together with a series of workshops and seminars over the weekend of 31 August – 1 September. The proposed format is for exhibits (competitive and non-competitive), plus selected multi-frame exhibits for display only. The workshops will focus on up-skilling ‘new’ exhibitors, but will depend on the types of attendees and entries to the exhibition.

The venue for the exhibition will be the Mount Pleasant Centre, McCormacks Bay Road, Mt Pleasant.

An evening celebratory meal and various souvenirs are also planned.

A full Prospectus (regulations) for the Exhibition can be found at 75th Anniversary Exhibition

The purpose of the exhibition is two-fold:

  • to help the NZ Stamp Collectors Club celebrate their 75th anniversary, and
  • to help new-ish or potential exhibitors to ‘step up’.

There will be two broad categories of ‘entries’:

  • material from members of the Stamp Collectors Club who would like to display some of their material (which can be critiqued by judges if requested), and>
  • material from those invited to participate in the ‘step up’ weekend, although anyone interested can request an invite.

The ‘step-up’ weekend is intended to provide assistance to collectors who wish to start exhibiting or improve existing exhibits, so it is aimed at new or newish exhibits, or an exhibit where the owner is looking for ideas to improve, or even simply material on pages or Hagner sheets where the owner is looking for ideas. The number of participants in the ‘step-up’ weekend will be limited to twenty and they will take part in a series of practical workshops and short seminars led by Jeff Long as the seminar coordinator.

Any type of material is acceptable as long as it is mounted on pages or held in Hagner sheets and can fit into the exhibition frames. [An exhibition frame consists of four rows of four sheets per row, with each sheet not higher than 290 mm, i.e. letter size, which is slightly shorter than A4.]

The entry fee is just $10 per frame.

All exhibitors will receive a certificate of participation and those entering a ‘competitive’ class will receive a detailed critique. No medals will be awarded.