NZPF Northern Region established 1959



Meetings are held at Richmond Village Community Centre, 82 Richmond Street, Thames on the first Monday monthly except January at 7:30pm.
NB As the society is but a small club and can rearrange dates almost at will over the telephone, it is suggested that if you wish to attend – and you would be very welcome – it would be good idea for you to telephone and check first. See contact details below.

Calendar of events


Mar 4 – Club meeting, Thames
Apr 1 – Club meeting, Thames
May 6 – Club meeting, Thames
Jun 3 – Club meeting, Thames
Jul 1 – Club meeting, Thames
Aug 5 – Club meeting, Thames
Sep 2 – Club meeting, Thames
Oct 7 – Club meeting, Thames
Nov 4 – Club meeting, Thames
Dec 2 – Club meeting, Thames

Logo of Society

The logo of the Thames Valley Philatelic Society is a picture of a Levinge circular pillar posting box. These were made in Sydney and three were installed in Thames around 1871. They have been renovated and restored and are in everyday use. One is situated in Queen Street, to which site it was moved in 1967. The second, at one time situated on the corner of Pollen and Willoughby Streets has been moved following the restoration to the Grahamstown end of Pollen Street and is now situated outside the Salvation Army Citadel. The third – the last to be restored – has been replaced on the corner of May and Pollen Streets outside Heather J Fashions, where it has been since 1881. All three are proving to be powerful tourist attractions for those who come to Thames.


All members $12.00