1.1 The ‘New Zealand Medal of Philatelic Administration’ (the medal) was approved and first awarded in 2018 by the New Zealand Philatelic Federation (NZPF).
1.2 Funding for the medals is provided by John Paston.
1.3 The medal is awarded as considered appropriate by the ‘Medal of Philatelic Excellence’ award committee (the award committee) listed below (5.1) or its successors, but not necessarily each year.



2.1 The medal may be awarded to a person who has demonstrated outstanding service in respect to philatelic administration within New Zealand but outside of local club or society administration.



3.1 The person must:

  1. Belong to a society that is a member of Federation at the time the medal is awarded.
  2. Must be permanently residing in New Zealand at the time the medal is awarded.
3.2 Previous awards from within New Zealand or from overseas countries shall not preclude a person from receiving the medal.
3.3 The medal may be awarded only once to any one person and may not be awarded posthumously.
3.4 Serving members of the Federation executive committee may receive the medal.
3.5 Members of the award committee may receive the medal.



4.1 Persons are identified by the award committee for consideration and will be assessed by the award committee based on merit.
4.2 The committee will submit their recommendation for bestowal of the medal to the President of NZPF for approval.
4.3 A record of the recipients together with copies of the citations will be maintained by a means to be decided by NZPF.



5.1 The award committee shall be three active philatelists and be separate from the NZPF awards committee.
[The current award committee is Jenny Banfield, Raumati Beach (convenor); Gerald Ellott, Howick; Jeff Long, Christchurch.]
5.2 When and where necessary, the award committee will appoint a replacement member.



6.1 The executive committee of NZPF may amend the criteria and administrative procedures for the medal as and when required only after consultation and in agreement with the award committee.