The New Zealand Philatelic Federation sees exhibitions as a suitable opportunity to promote the hobby, demonstrating to all, its cultural and educational values …

Article 1, NZPF Approved Regulations for National Exhibitions

This section deals with exhibitions at a national and international level.  However, all exhibitors must start somewhere and competitions within their own club and between clubs are an excellent way to do this.  Even if a person does not want to progress beyond that level they will find that exhibiting or displaying their material can be fun (indeed it should be), they develop a greater understanding of philately in general and their own subject in particular, and they can give pleasure and knowledge to those people who are able to see the display.

Information about club and inter-club competitions can be found at club competitions.

Upcoming exhibitions – New Zealand

There is generally one National exhibition in New Zealand each year.

  • NZ2020, Auckland, Asian International Exhibition, FIAP 19-22 March, Commissioner Denise Rosenfeldt.
  • Royalpex 2021, September, Distinction Hamilton Hotel & Conference Centre. Details to be finalised.
Upcoming exhibitions – Australia and International
  • Canberra 2020, Australian Half national, 13-15 March, Commissioner Paul McTaggart.
  • London 2020, FIP, 2-9 May, Commissioner David Loe.
  • Indonesia 2020, FIP Specialised, 6-11 August 2020. Commissioner Norman Banfield
  • Newcastle 2020, Australian National, 2-4 October 2020. Commissioner Lindsay Chitty
  • Bulgaria 2020, FIP Specialised, Sofia 7-11 October 2020. Commissioner Stephen Chivers
  • Taipei 2020, FIAP, 23-27 October 2020. Commissioner Bob Gibson
  • Hobart 2020, Australian 1-frame, 13-15 November 2020.
  • Melbourne 2021, FIAP, 11-14 February 2021
  • Capetown 2021, FIP, 17-20 March 2021.
  • iBRA 2021, FIP, Essen 6-9 May 2021.
Holding an exhibition

Detailed Information about running a New Zealand National exhibition, the criteria for judges and rules for judging can be found on this site:

  • Exhibition administration provides the rules involved in running an exhibition and administration detail
  • Judges details the list of qualified New Zealand judges and criteria for becoming and remaining a judge
  • Judging has the regulations and guidelines used in judging exhibits.