1.1. To acknowledge the achievements of youth stamp collectors, designers, exhibitors and club members in the hobby of philately in New Zealand.
1.2. To recognise a young person whose philatelic project, design or writings has been presented or circulated for the general good of the hobby.
2.1. Nominations will be considered for any of the following:

  1. Stamp articles / projects
  2. Stamp research
  3. Stamp design / poster design
  4. Exhibiting effort
  5. Talk and display
  6. Club contributions
2.2.  A nominee must be no older than twenty-one years on the closing date for nominations.
3.1. Nominations will be accepted from any of the following sources:

  1. Stamp clubs (youth and adult)
  2. School teachers
  3. Stamp camp organisers
  4. Philatelic Youth Council
  5. Stamp Exhibition committees
  6. New Zealand Philatelic Federation (Federation)
  7. New Zealand Post
  8. Individuals
3.2. Nominations should be on the prescribed form and must be received by the secretary of Federation by 30 June of the year in which the award is to be presented.
3.3.  All nominations will be considered by the Federation executive committee which may appoint an Awards Committee to consider all nominations and make a recommendation to the Federation executive committee whether to make an award or not and if so to which nominee. The Awards Committee, if appointed, will consist of a representative each from the Philatelic Youth Council, Federation and New Zealand Post Stamps.
3.4. The Awards Committee may request a nominator to provide further information and evidence concerning a nominee if required.
3.5. Only one Youth Philatelist of the Year Award will be awarded per year. All unsuccessful nominations become void but persons who still meet the requirements of the award may be re-nominated in any following year.
3.6. The decision of the Federation executive committee shall be final.
3.7. The Award is preferably presented by a serving member of the Federation executive committee at the first suitable opportunity after the executive committee has approved the award (normally at their meeting in July). The recipient’s name will be entered in a Roll of Honour, and they will be presented with a medal and a suitable prize.
3.8. A record of the awards shall be kept by Federation.
These rules may be added to, amended or rescinded at any time by Federation.

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