NZPF Awards

The NZPF has a range of awards with which it acknowledges the services of individuals to the hobby in New Zealand. These include the NZ Medal of Philatelic Excellence, Award of Honour, Award of Merit, Philatelist of the Year and Deserving Philatelist. Only affiliated societies of the Federation can make nominations for these awards. Full details of the rules relating to these awards, nomination forms, past recipients, etc are contained on this website.

Award recipients details all who have received Federation awards.

 NZ Medal of Philatelic Excellence

This award is for those have given outstanding service to philately over and above that required for the Award of Honour.

NZ Medal of Philatelic Administration

This medal may be awarded to a person who has demonstrated outstanding service in respect to philatelic administration within New Zealand.

Award of Honour

This award recognises a philatelist who has given outstanding service to philately in New Zealand in some public or other capacity by:

  • research work made available for the benefit of philately
  • formation of any notable collections which have been exhibited or displayed for the benefit of philately
  • journalistic work or the presentation of papers
  • organisation or propaganda work in connection with philately, philatelic exhibitions, and congresses or stamp clubs.
Award of Merit

This award recognises either:

  • the services of a person who has done outstanding work for the promotion, organisation and administration of the hobby in New Zealand on a national or regional basis (beyond their own society); or
  • a person whose outstanding original philatelic research has been presented or published for the general good of philately.
Award for Service

These awards, no more than six each year, are made on the basis of work done by individuals to promote the hobby.

Youth Philatelist of the Year

This award is presented to :

  • acknowledge achievements of youth stamp collectors, designers, exhibitors and club members in the hobby of philately in New Zealand; and
  • recognise a young person (no older than 21 years at close of nominations) whose philatelic project, design or writings has been presented or circulated for the general good of the hobby.
NZPF Travelling awards

A number of awards are available for exhibitors at NZ National Exhibitions.  Each is held by the recipient until the award is next competed for.

Award Certificates

The Federation has various award certificates to give away to member societies for local and regional exhibitions. The society should contact the secretary by e-mail or post their request to Secretary, NZ Philatelic Federation, P O Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245.

Non-NZPF Philatelic awards in NZ

NZPF is happy to list details of any New Zealand philatelic awards and their recipients where the eligibility for the award applies beyond the membership of the donor society.