A points system within a stamp club is a good way of encouraging participation and rewarding achievement. A club trophy could be competed for six monthly or annually.

Here are some suggestions of activities for which points could be awarded.

  • Attendance at club meetings. (1 point)
  • Bringing an item of interest to a meeting (2 points).
  • Talking about an item of interest (1 or 2 points).
  • Organising a club activity such as a sales table, competition, quiz, helping with a workshop, etc. (2 – 5 points).
  • Proposing a vote of thanks to a guest speaker (2 points).
  • Displaying an entry for a competition (2 – 5 points).
Use of accumulated points

Think of other ways apart from the club trophy that the points accumulated by members could be used.

A novel and fun idea on how club members may ‘spend’ those accumulated points.

  • At the beginning of the year select a range (say 20 to 30) of desirable philatelic items such as nice sets of stamps, stock books, accessories or stamp collecting books.
  • Advise members they will be able to buy these items at the end of the year in a ‘fun bid sale’, using their accumulated points as ‘bidding dollars’.
  • Put the lots up in random order, some less sought after items, then a couple of better items, followed by a few lower valued ones at the end. This will create fun and interest during the sale.
  • The members who have accumulated the most points during the year will be able to bid the most for the items.
  • Points available to any member may be used to ‘purchase’ more than one item.
  • Have some packets of hinges or similar items on hand. Those with points left over at the end of the sale could spend them on hinges.