The New Zealand Philatelic Federation (NZPF) has a role in the creation, stimulation and maintenance of interest in all matters relating to philately. NZPF encourages collectors to belong to a stamp society or club as it believes they can gain tremendous value from doing so. Many, however, may never join yet still remain a valuable and necessary part of our stamp community.
This section of the NZPF website is therefore aimed at providing information which collectors, particularly new collectors, should find useful whether they are a member of a club or not.

Web resources

A 2017 survey conducted by NZPF identified areas where a guide for collectors could provide them with a better understanding of aspects of our hobby. This section on web resources provides links to sites which have been selected to give a good introduction to the specific subject.


Stamp collecting can be challenging for beginners but understanding terminology is a great place to start. From time to time even the most experienced philatelist will come across a word or phrase with which he or she is not familiar.