NZPF Southern Region established 1913



St Mary Church, 44 Lawrence Street, Mornington, Dunedin 4th Thursday except December at 7:00pm.
Our monthly meetings start at 7:00 pm with half an hour of buying/selling/swapping. At 7:30 sharp a general meeting is followed, at approximately 8:00 pm, by a guest speaker with display. This is followed by more buying/selling/swapping and cup of coffee or tea.
Each evening has a table auction.

Calendar of events


May 23 – Ray Beardsmore & Jock Graham 'Redcoats'
Jun 27 – Dunedin Annual Auction
Jul 25 – Dunedin Meeting TBA
Aug 22 – Dunedin Quiz Evening
Sep 26 – Dunedin Meeting TBA
Oct 24 – Dunedin AGM; Competitions
Nov 28 – Buy, Sell and Exchange Meeting


Club activities and services

Auction Nights

Once a year the Society runs a club auction. These evenings are always well attended and bidding can be brisk. It is a great opportunity for members to off-load philatelic items they no longer need and also purchase items they have been looking for. The secret of success for the sellers is to keep the starting price as low as possible. The best way is for the sellers not to place a reserve on the items to be sold, unless the item is of reasonable value. Members are often surprised what they can get for their items when two or more bidders fight for the item up for sale.

Competition Night

All Members are encouraged to participate by submitting part of a collection or a special thematic display they have put together. There are plenty of Members one can talk to about how to put together such a display etc.
The competitors vie for one of the following cups or trophies:

  • Allingham Cup – 1 page of stamps from someone who has never won a society competition
  • Pim Cup – 4 to 8 pages from any country
  • Thematic Cup – 4 to 8 pages on a theme
  • New Zealand Trophy – 4 to 12 pages from one Commonwealth country
  • Clarke Cup – 200 or more stamps from any one foreign country
  • Webb Cup – one page of stamps to be judged by popular vote
  • Postcard Cup – 4 to 8 pages of related postcards.


We have a very active circuit books.


Subscriptions are $25.00 reduced by $5 if paid by 28 February.