High quality, coloured photocopies on heavy paper of a number of different philatelic exhibits (mostly one-frame exhibits) have been donated to the NZPF by the Christchurch Philatelic Society. These pages are available on loan to NZPF member societies for promotional display in libraries and shopping malls or for use on club nights or for philatelic judge training. Duplicate sets of copies are held by the Federation secretary and by the Christchurch Philatelic Society. Not all exhibits are top medal-winners. They were selected to encourage people to collect stamps and to be eye-catching.

For member societies wishing to borrow any of the exhibits, the Federation will fund the postage to the society out of its promotion budget. The member society would be expected to cover the cost of getting them back to the point of origin.

All exhibits are 16 pages, except as noted. The following exhibit topics are available:


Samoa Overprinted New Zealand Stamps Don Mee
Norfolk Island Paul Clark
Deregulation of New Zealand Postal Services Graham Muir
Chile Airmails 1927-1941 Rick Oxenham
Great Britain: 1d Blacks, 2d Blues, 1d Reds CPS Archives (15 pages)
New Zealand Life Insurance John Gluyas (17 pages)
New Zealand Animal Issues Marianne Moot (10 yrs) (8 pages)
Errors in New Zealand 1970 Definitives Paul Wales
Lake Wakatipu 2½d Blue NZ 1898 Pictorials Jeff Long
First Coin Type Date Stamps of the South Island Tom O’Carroll
Tahiti Early Issues Peter Alexandre (15 pages)
Queensland Geoff Tyson
A New Zealand Collection 1855 to 1937 (exhibitor unknown)
Problem Mail (exhibitor unknown)
8 pages of 8½” x 11” posters of four different full-face queens


Oh Alice Robert Duns
The Young Royals Karen Jeffrey
Birds Ben Exton (10 yrs) 8 pages
Paintings from Sand Dune States I Tony Aris
Fire, Fire, Fetch the Engines Geoff Tyson
Our Friend the Horse Serena Somlyai (15 yrs)
Iris’s, Irises Iris Tyson
Let’s Make Music Carina Davis (16 yrs)
The Wild Rose Tamed Peter Bamber
Nursing, the Nightingale Revolution Sue Claridge
Football (Soccer) David Smitham
Moving Pictures Jill Glasson
The Delightful Teddy Bear Helen Robb
Paintings from Sand Dune States II Tony Aris (21 pages)
Laughter – the Best Medicine (postcards) (exhibitor unknown)
Comics (open) (exhibitor unknown) (42 pages)