An idea to encourage member participation is to use an event (for example rugby or soccer world cup, Olympic Games, local garden show, a local anniversary, season, a stamp exhibition, etc) appropriate to the date of the meeting; a category of philatelic material (eg postal stationery, booklet); or any number of different topics including “My Other Hobby” (most members will have another collection or interest).

  • Members should be encouraged to talk about their display.
  • Some people may be reluctant to speak in front of the meeting and you should consider the opportunity for ‘silent’ displays. It may be appropriate for someone to speak briefly on their behalf. However, ensure the person who has provided a silent display is identified and they may be happy to talk individually to people about their material.
  • The time available for presenting may need to be limited.
  • It is important to ensure everyone who has made the effort to bring material has the opportunity to do so otherwise it may deter them from making the effort in future.
  • You could consider awarding prizes for the best item, the most unusual, the most creative or inventive, the best talk, etc.
  • If you run a club points system ensure points are gained for the widest possible categories of entry. Whichever options you choose make sure members are aware of the criteria.