Award for Service 2

The ‘Award for Service’ is to recognise a person for work they have done to promote the hobby of philately and/or deltiology.
2.1 The nominee need not be a member of a New Zealand Philatelic Federation (Federation) member society.
2.2 The contributions of the nominee should include not only those they have made to the nominating society but to the hobby at a local, regional, national or even international level.
2.3 Factors which may be included for consideration are the nominee’s involvement at various levels in:

  1. speaking, displaying material, exhibiting or writing;
  2. being part of, and the role played, in activities such as stamp shows, exhibitions;
  3. publicity and promotion of the hobby among societies, to collectors and non-collectors.
3.1. Nominations may only be made by a financial member society of Federation.
3.2. The nomination must be on the prescribed form with a full and adequate statement of the status and qualifications of the person so nominated.
3.3. A nominating member society shall, on request, produce to the secretary of Federation such further evidence as may be required to confirm any qualifications or other statement contained in the nomination form.
3.4. Nominations will be considered in July of each year and must be in the hands of the secretary of Federation by 30 June.
3.5. The Federation executive committee will appoint an awards committee normally consisting of the Federation president, the Federation secretary plus one other person who shall not be a serving member of the executive committee. The awards committee will consider all award nominations and make recommendations to the executive committee whether to make the award or not.
3.6. The decision of the Federation executive committee shall be final. However, a member society may re-nominate anyone whose nomination has been unsuccessful.
3.7. Up to six awards may be made in any calendar year.
3.8. The ‘Award for Service’ shall be in the form of a certificate and a lapel badge incorporating the design of the badge of Federation. The badge will be bronze, with a red star
3.9. Awards are preferably presented by a serving member of the Federation executive committee at the first suitable opportunity after the executive committee has approved the award (normally at their July meeting each year).
3.10. A record of the awards shall be kept by Federation.
These rules may be added to, amended or rescinded at any time by Federation.



When completing a nomination please provide as much detail as possible about your nominee’s philatelic activities. Each award suggests specific information but the awards panel would value having a full understanding of the nominee’s contribution to our hobby.

You may find the headings and questions contained at Notes for nominations helpful in completing the nomination.

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