The following provides the content of a sample prospectus for a New Zealand National Philatelic Exhibition. It is anticipated that changes will be required to cope with the classes that are proposed for inclusion in each exhibition (for example not all exhibitions will have the New Zealand Championship Class and some might wish to hold their own specific ‘Challenge’ competition).

All variations to the sample prospectus must be approved by the NZPF coordinator appointed to the exhibition.

Changes required to meet the needs of each exhibit have been indicated by

[   ] to assist in ensuring the final Prospectus has addressed all of the specific aspects that must be included. The secretary of NZPF has an electronic copy of this sample prospectus and the organizing committee is urged to avail themselves of it.

The secretary would appreciate receiving a copy of the final approved prospectus for each exhibition along with any comments as to why any changes were made. If appropriate, NZPF could include these changes in a revised sample prospectus for the use of future exhibitions.

[EXHIBITION NAME], [postal address] [Email address] [website]



New Zealand National Stamp Exhibition

 [Venue] [Address of venue] [Date of exhibition]


1. Some key dates for [EXHIBITION NAME]
[date] Entry forms plus title pages from prospective exhibitors
[date] Advice from [EXHIBITION NAME] of exhibit acceptances
[date] Entries to be in the hands of Commissioners or by Courier to [EXHIBITION NAME]
[date] Entries delivered by hand must be with bin room manager by [time] [day]
[date] Exhibition opens [time] [day] – closes [time]
[date] Exhibition opens [time] [day] – closes [time]
[date] [time] [day] Awards Dinner
[date] Exhibition opens [time] [day] – closes [time]
2. Exhibition Organising Committee

The Organising Committee is as follows:

Chairman [name of person]
Secretary [name of person]
Treasurer [name of person]
Exhibits Officer [name of person]
Publicity Officer [name of person]
Hall Manager [name of person]
[name of position] [name of person]
NZ Philatelic Federation coordinator [name of person]
Chairman of Jury [name of person]
NZ Post representative [name of person]
NZ Stamp Dealers Association representative [name of person]
3 Overseas Commissioner/Judges
Australia: [name] [postal address] [telephone/fax] [email]
[Other Country]: [name] [postal address] [telephone/fax] [email]
Keeping in touch:

It is planned to issue a number of Newsletters. These will provide more information on the venue, accommodation, updates on planned activities and information on products that will be available. If you wish to receive the Newsletters please write to [EXHIBITION NAME] or Email [email address].

You will also find a copy of this Prospectus on the NZPF website at[EXHIBITION NAME] and [where the exhibition has its own website] on the [EXHIBITION NAME] website at [website address].

[EXHIBITION NAME], [postal address]

Email: [email address]


The [EXHIBITION NAME] National Stamp Exhibition is being run by the [name of society / club / or association – an affiliated member of the NZPF] and will be held [dates] at [venue] under the patronage of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation Inc (NZPF). It is governed by the “Approved Regulations for New Zealand National Philatelic Exhibitions” of the NZPF.

Please address all correspondence to:

Secretary, [EXHIBITION NAME], [postal address] or Email [email address]

Australian entrants must enter through the Australian Commissioner.

[Other country] entrants must enter through the [Other country] Commissioner.



DIVISION 1 Non-competitive and restricted competitive
1.1 Court of Honour
1.2 Invited displays (non-competitive)
1.3 Jury class (competitive)
[1.4] [New Zealand Championship Class – 5 or 8 frames (see Regulation 28)] [Note there are limitations on the frequency this class may be offered at National Exhibitions. This is for exhibits (excluding Literature) which have been awarded a Gold or Large Gold at an exhibition with FIP or FIAP Patronage held in the years [period]. Entrants must be New Zealand residents. A separate panel of judges will be appointed and a special prize will be awarded.][Note this is an example of a special class for an exhibition – other special classes may be considered with the approval of the NZPF]
DIVISION 2 FIP Qualifying Classes
2.1 Traditional*
2.2 Postal History*

  1. Postal History
  2. Marcophily
  3. Historical, Social or Special Studies
[* Classes may be divided into sub-classes geographically or by time periods.]
2.3 Postal Stationery
2.4 Aerophilately
2.5 Astrophilately
2.6 Maximaphily
2.7 Open
2.8 Revenues
2.9 Thematics
2.10 Modern – any of classes 2.1 – 2.3 using material issued in the last 30 years
2.11 Picture Postcards
2.12 One Frame – any of classes2.1 – 2.11
2.13 Youth – ages as at 1 January in the exhibition year

  1. Up to 15 years old as at 1 January 2010 – 1 to 3 frames
  2. 16 – 18 years old as at 1 January 2010 – 2 to 4 frames
  3. 19 – 21 years old as at 1 January 2010 – 3 to 5 frames
DIVISION 3 National, Non-FIP classes
3.1 Cinderellas
3.2 Frugal Philately
3.3 First Day Covers
3.4 Modern (any classes 2.4-2.9 or 3.1-3.3 primarily using material issued in the last 30 years)
3.5 Topical
3.6 One-frame – any of classes 3.1-3.5
3.7 Youth development

  1.  below 13 years of age (8 or 16 pages)
  2. 13-15 years (8 or 16 pages)
  3. 16-21 years (16 pages)
3.8 Youth developing exhibit

  1. 16-18 years one frame
  2. 19-21 years one of two frames
3.9 Adult Development class
– ½, 1 and 2 frames for novices (NZ residents only)
This class is to encourage New Zealand residents to exhibit:
1 or 2 frames – for exhibitors who have not previously been awarded 70 points or more for any one frame or multi frame entry at a National exhibition.
8 pages (½-frame) – for new exhibitors at a National exhibition – NO entry fee (for this class NZPF has also waived its levy of [$cost] per frame).
Exhibitors will receive a written critique and a certificate.
DIVISION 4 Entries Not provided Elsewhere
4.1 Entries not provided elsewhere


These Exhibition Regulations for [name of exhibition] are prepared to conform to the NZPF Approved Regulations for New Zealand National Philatelic Exhibitions (Approved Regulations).
1 The exhibit must be owned by the exhibitor. If the exhibit has been purchased as a complete exhibit, it must have been owned for at least 18 months prior to the exhibition and the exhibit must have been extensively revised.
2 Entries in the Competitive Classes may be made by any person within New Zealand or overseas belonging to a Philatelic Society or Stamp Club affiliated to the NZPF, the Australian Philatelic Federation [or in the national Federation of [Other country]].
3 In accordance with New Zealand Regulations, the minimum size of any entry shall be two frames (32 pages) with a maximum of eight frames (128 pages), except as noted in the list of classes.
4 Frame fee will be NZ [$cost] per frame for all classes except
a. Youth entries which are [$cost] per frame
b. Youth development classes 6.5 are free
5 Each frame consists of four rows of four pages and allows for pages including protectors not to exceed 29 cm in height and 23 cm in width. Double width pages are accepted as necessary. Exhibits with larger pages may be disadvantaged and the exhibit may only be partially displayed in the frames.

The exhibition organising committee may like to consider adding a note on the exhibition envelope cover sheet or other appropriate location the following statement:


  1. Where a page exceeds 290mm in height parts of any page above may be obscured or, if mounted in the top row of a frame, closing of the frame door may bend the top of the page and any material displayed there. The organising committee will take no responsibility for any exhibit damaged or partially obscured as a result.
  2. Where a pages or pages exceed 230mm wide, please indicate this clearly in the mounting plan. The total width of pages in any row should not exceed 920mm.  Every effort will be made to avoid overlapping pages in a row which exceeds the total width of 920mm but the organising committee cannot guarantee overlapping will not occur.
6 All exhibits should be on white or light coloured pages. The pages are to be contained in clear, close fitting exhibition protectors with the page totally contained. Photocopies or scans of a complete cover or stamp must be at least 25% different in size from the original.
7 Each page shall show the exhibitors name on the reverse and each page should be numbered, on the front in the bottom right corner, sequentially in the order that they are to be mounted.
8 Expertisation certificates must be attached to the reverse of relevant pages.
9 Any item within an exhibit from an overseas exhibitor which may be subject to quarantine on entry into New Zealand (e.g. feathers, straw, wood, etc.) or restriction on re-entry into their own country must be removed from the exhibit and replaced by a colour copy. The Commissioner must be advised such a replacement has been made and will inform the organising committee.
10 An exhibitor shall not submit more than one entry in any class, unless the entry is substantially different in content and is not the continuation of another entry.
11 An exhibitor may enter an exhibit under a pseudonym but the secretary of the exhibition must be notified of the true identity of the exhibitor.
12 Entries shall not carry any indication as to price or value of any items contained therein.
13 Members of the Jury, Apprentice Judges, Jury Secretary and NZPF co-ordinator may only enter the Jury Class [or, if appropriate, the New Zealand Championship Class]. Entries in the Jury Class will be judged in the normal way by a separate panel of judges and Awards will be made but entries will NOT be eligible for Special Prizes. The Chairman of the Jury must not enter any competitive class.
14 The completed Entry Forms with a copy of the title page must reach the Exhibition Secretary, NO LATER THAN [DATE]. A synopsis may also be sent.
15 The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to limit the number of entries and the number of frames allocated to an entry for this exhibition. The right is also reserved to reject any entry without assigning any reason for such a decision.
16 Exhibitors will be advised by [DATE] that their entry has been accepted, reduced in frame numbers or rejected in accordance with Rule 14.
17 Once an exhibitor has been notified of acceptance and paid the entry fee, the exhibitor is obligated to provide the agreed entry. Failure to produce an entry renders a defaulting exhibitor liable (at the discretion of the NZPF) to disqualification from future National and International Exhibitions for up to 5 years.
18 Competitive entries may only be delivered by courier (signature required) or by hand (by the exhibitor, their agent or by a Commissioner).
Exhibits sent by courier should be sent to [EXHIBITION NAME] at an address to be advised when acceptances are notified and must be in the hands of the Exhibition Committee by [DATE].
Hand delivered exhibits, including those exhibits being carried by Commissioners, must be received by the Bin Room Manager at the Exhibition venue before [time] on [day] [date]. All Australian entry forms and entry fees are to go through the Australian Commissioner.
All [Other country] entries from must go through the [Other country] Commissioner.
19 All reasonable care will be taken by [EXHIBITION NAME], its Exhibition Committee and its representatives to protect the property of exhibitors, but the insurance of an exhibitor’s property during transits, within the exhibition or otherwise, is solely the responsibility of the exhibitor.[EXHIBITION NAME], its Exhibition Committee and its representatives shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to an exhibit in whole or in part, howsoever caused, and the Exhibitor’s signature on the [EXHIBITION NAME] entry form indicates acceptance by the Exhibitor of this Regulation.
20 The Exhibition Committee or Jury reserve the right to transfer any entry to another Class if in their opinion it is incorrectly placed, or where it may receive a higher award.
21 Judging will be carried out on the material as presented in the frames. The NZPF Standard Exhibition Judging Sheets will be used to evaluate each exhibit. A copy of the Judging Sheet will be supplied to the entrant.
22 The Jury will, after the evaluation of an exhibit, make one of the following awards:

  1. All adult classes of one or more frames will receive medals.
  2. Youth exhibits in classes 5.1-5.3 will receive medals.
  3. Adult development 8-page, Youth development will receive certificates.

In addition, there will be a Grand Award (presented by NZ Post), a Runner-up to the Grand Award, the NZPF Federation Cup (for 3-8 frames) and NZPF One-Frame Tray (both of which may be awarded to a first or second-time New Zealand resident exhibitor for a philatelic exhibit), the Marcel Stanley Trophy (for adult development 2- or 3-frame), the Banfield Cup (for adult development ½- frame), Len Jury medals for first time adult exhibitors and other special prizes awarded at the discretion of the Chairman of the Jury after consultation with the Jurors.

23 All exhibits will be returned as soon as is practicable after the Exhibition. Entries may be uplifted by exhibitors or their duly authorised agent notified in writing, at approximately [TIME] on [DAY], [DATE] at the Exhibition venue after all frames have been dismounted.
24 The Exhibition Committee may, from time to time, provide rules to cover any other matter, which may be required, and its decision is final on all matters.
25 Exhibits not conforming to these regulations may not be judged or displayed.
26 The Exhibition Committee uses personal details to administer and manage the exhibition. This information will not be distributed to third parties except for the NZ Philatelic Federation for the purposes stated in their Privacy Policy which can be found on their website at
27 The Exhibitor’s signature on the [EXHIBITION NAME] Entry form indicates acceptance of all rules laid down by the Exhibition Committee in this prospectus.