Treasurer Anna Whitehead
Financial reviewer Mark Raisin
Signatories for NZPF bank accounts
Treasurer Anna Whitehead
President David Loe
Secretary Jeff Long
Registrar of Incorporated Societies
Secretary Jeff Long
Webmaster Bob Gibson
NZPF frames Stephen Chivers, Bob Gibson
National relationships
Reports and feedback from, and newsletters to, clubs Regional delegates
NZPF trustees NZ National Philatelic Trust Sue Vernall, Lindsay Chitty
Liaison with NZ Post David Loe, Stephen Chivers
Liaison with NZ Stamp Dealers Assoc. David Loe
Youth/PYC Liaison Tim Beach
International relationships
Reporting to NZPF on FIP and FIAP matters Norman Banfield
Liaison with accord partners
Appointment of Jurors and Commissioners
Federation of International Philately (FIP) Commissioner Delegates to Bureau
Aerophilately Norman Banfield
Astrophilately Brian Vincent
Fight Against Forgeries Colin Capill
Literature Norman Banfield
Maximaphily Jenny Banfield
Open Philately Lindsay Chitty
Picture Postcards Jeff Long
Postal History Mark Benvie
Postal Stationery Stephen Chivers
Revenues Jenny Banfield
Thematic Philately Bob Gibson
Traditional David Loe
Youth Sue Claridge
Judging and exhibiting
Training of judges, education of exhibitors Philatelic Judges NZ Inc
Maintain list of exhibition results Bob Gibson
Federation awards
NZ Medal of Philatelic Excellence Jenny Banfield (Convenor), Gerald Ellott, Jeff Long
NZ Medal of Philatelic Administration Jenny Banfield (Convenor), Gerald Ellott, Jeff Long
Award of Honour, Award of Merit, Award for Service Jenny Banfield (Convenor), Sue Vernall, relevant regional delegate