NZPF overseas member established 1952

The Society exists for the study of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and its Dependencies. Although the majority of our nearly 300 members are based in Great Britain, we have a large number of international members. The Society welcomes both specialist and general members.


Meetings are held every two months in London. In addition, a Regional Group meets four times a year in the North West of England (Orrell, Lancashire), a Midland Group meets in Birmingham twice a year and a West of England Group and a Scottish Group meet in different venues. Information about all meetings of the Society is carried in The Kiwi.

Newsletter and publications

The Kiwi is the official Journal of the Society and is circulated to all members six times a year. It contains articles of both a general and specialised nature together with other useful information on the stamps and postal history of New Zealand. It also provides a valuable forum for debate and correspondence between members.

The society has published several monographs and more are planned.

Society activities and services

  • All UK members are entitled to contribute to, and make purchases from, the thriving packet circuit. Further details are available from the packet secretary on joining the Society.
  • The Society holds annual competitions, with a range of category options, in London during March and at their away weekend held every second year during September.
  • An auction is held after the Annual General Meeting in November each year. All members may contribute material and can bid on items in person or by post.
  • There is an extensive Library managed in partnership with the National Philatelic Society. The Library Guide and List can be downloaded from their website.