Within the club

Many societies hold competitions around 1-page displays once a month. They are frequently based around a letter or subject and are judged by the members present. Often competing gains the entrants activity points while the place getters may receive a small prize for the event or extra activity points.

Some clubs have less frequent 4- or 8-page competitions which sometimes may include 16-page entries. In many cases the winners receive a trophy that bears the name of an honoured past (or present) member.


Many societies or clubs hold annual competitions between each other. The entries are generally judged using national philatelic criteria by a national judge.
Most of these are displayed at one of the societies involved and generally are not open to the public. An example of such a competition is that between the Kapiti, Horowhenua and Manawatu Philatelic Societies.
Other inter-club competitions can involve a much wider spread of entrants, judged by nationally qualified judges but are on public display often over two days. Examples of such competitions are:

Neville Harris Memorial Trophy
A competition between Hutt Valley, Kapiti, Upper Hutt and Wellington societies held at the Wellington Regional Stamp Show.

Ambury Shield
A northern region inter-club competition normally held on the 1st Saturday in November.

New Zealand Inter-club One-frame
A New Zealand-wide competition held at a venue and time selected by the team which won the previous year.