Approved by NZPF
1.1 The chairman of the jury must be approved by the New Zealand Philatelic Federation (NZPF).
1.2 Shortly after their approval, and before any selection of the jury panel, the Chairman must consult with the NZPF for consideration to be given to the rotation of judge appointments from the national register.
Basis of judging entries
The chairman of the jury is responsible for ensuring that all entries are judged based on the New Zealand national criteria set out in the judging pages of this site.
Jury Challenges
The chairman of the jury will determine how challenges will be resolved.
4.1 Exhibitors shall receive a “fair” copy of the jury’s judging sheet showing the points awarded.
4.2 Subject to time limitation the chairman of the jury must endeavour to see that helpful critiques are issued.
4.3 Where time is insufficient to provide written critiques to all exhibitors, priority should be given to the bronze, silver-bronze and silver level entries.
Awards list
The chairman of the jury shall ensure:

  1. the completeness and accuracy of the awards list published for the Palmares.
  2. the awards list, in electronic format, is forwarded to the Federation webmaster.

Note: The Chairman’s report in the Awards list, and to Federation under clause 6, shall categorise any totals of Large Gold and Gold medal awards into 1-frame, 2-8 frame philatelic and postcard.

The chairman of the jury must submit a post-exhibition report to the secretary of NZPF on the following:
6.1 The facilities prepared by the exhibition organisers for the jurors.
6.2 The standard of entries
6.3 The awards list for all classes including the points awarded by the jury to each exhibit.
6.4 A list of who actually took part in the judging team at the exhibition and the classes that they judged and who the team leaders were in each class.
6.5 The performance of apprentice judges with recommendation as to whether he/she should be:-

  1. given a further apprenticeship
  2. added to the National Judges Register
  3. added to the National Judges Register for a specific class (eg literature or postcard)