NZPF Central Region established 1983


Aims of the Trust

The aims of the Central Districts Philatelic Trust as stated in the Trust Deed are:

  1. To assist, by provision of funds, any local or national philatelic exhibition, convention or meeting designed for the furtherance or the study of philately and postal history in New Zealand.
  2. To assist with the provision of funds to meet in whole or in part the expenses of any delegate or delegates or other suitable persons to attend any convention or seminar or for the administration of organisations designed to increase the knowledge or history or collection or exhibition of philatelic material for the use of any persons so interested.
  3. To assist in the provision of any philatelic resource centre or reference centre whether associated with any public library or otherwise and for the purpose to pay any rent or assist in the payment of rent.
  4. To provide any philatelic equipment, literature, books, pamphlets, works of reference and items which would be of assistance to persons interested in or studying or furthering their knowledge of philately and its history.
  5. To contibute towards any philatelic research fund or to the education of any person or persons in philately.
  6. To assist in any public charity or for any other charitable purpose as defined in Part IV of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and section 61A thereof or in any act passed in substitution of said act.
  7. To assist in the publication of any work, paper, treatise or periodical relating to philately or postal history.

In practice projects supported have been mainly centred on the Central Districts Region.

The Trust:

      • has helped finance literature exhibitions. Library books purchases and rental support have been the major continuing items.
      • has assisted young people to attend stamp camps.
      • facilitates the election of delegates to the Federation executive committee and organises the annual meeting of the Central Region societies.
      • on application will reimburse the NZPF frame levy to exhibitors residing in the Central Districts Region for overseas exhibitions as follows:
        1. $6-00 per frame for any Australian and UAE National Exhibitions
        2. $15-00 per frame for any NZPF approved FIP and FIAP exhibition.

        Such reimbursement shall be a maximum of one exhibition entry a year per person.