Financial Support from the Trust’s Education Fund


The prime objective of the Fletcher Cole Memorial Charitable Trust (the Trust) is ‘the advancement of the hobby of philately in New Zealand by means of supporting National Exhibitions’.

The way in which this objective has been met in the past has been through the presentation of a Fletcher-Cole Memorial Trophy, normally the Runner-up to the Grand Award, at national exhibitions.

Another way this objective could be met is though providing support for the running of seminars, workshops or other training sessions for philatelic judges, exhibitors or potential exhibitors.  To support such activity the Trust has set up an Education Fund.

The Fund provides some financial assistance for the New Zealand Philatelic Federation (NZPF) Education Officer in running such training courses.  At a meeting of the trustees it was agreed the Education Fund could, in addition, be used to support efforts of NZPF affiliated societies in providing similar training.  This training could be in specific topics or to special groups which might otherwise not be included in the NZPF Education Officer’s programme but would be consistent with that programme and will be provided by suitably qualified instructors.

Conditions and processes related to applications

Applications, preferably in electronic form, should be made to the Trust through the secretary of the NZPF (a trustee).  The secretary will circulate copies of the application to the trustees and to the NZPF Education Officer.

The Education Officer will advise the trustees whether the proposed training content appears to be consistent with the education programme and the instructors are appropriately qualified and make a recommendation along with any comment.   The Education Officer’s recommendation and comment will be considered along with the application by the trustees.  Once a decision has been made the secretary will notify the applicants of the decision.

No specific form has been developed but any applications must be made before the event is held.

The application to the Trust must include the following information:

  • The training course must have clearly stated objectives.
  • The invitation to attend shall not be restricted solely to members of the society planning the course.
  • A detailed programme of the course content and timing.
  • A detailed budget will accompany the application and demonstrate reasonable efforts will be made to recover costs.
  • Information about any applications made to other philatelic trusts.

The applicant must agree to the following:

  • A course evaluation form must be presented to each person taking part and an analysis of this evaluation, particularly in relation to the meeting of course objectives, shall be made.
  • A written report shall be provided to NZPF within 30 days of the end of the course that will include:
    • an outline of the perceived successes and areas where the programme might have been improved;
    • the analysis of the completed evaluation forms;
    • a detailed financial statement of income and expenditure;
  • Return to the Trust any surplus up to the value of the grant made.

Other services and information

Whether an application is granted or not the NZPF will, unless exceptional circumstances apply, ensure notification of the proposed training course is made on the NZPF website and, if time permits, in their newsletter.

On completion of the course, the NZPF webmaster and newsletter editor will, if provided with appropriate material (preferably including photographs or other electronic images relating to the event), publish reports in their respective media.