The New Zealand Philatelic Federation (NZPF)
Emirates Philatelic Association (EPA)

The New Zealand Philatelic Federation and the Emirates Philatelic Association both recognise that an exchange of judges and exhibits would be to both New Zealand and the UAE.

Accordingly, both organisations agree to the following:

  1. NZPF will accept accredited national and international judges from the UAE to judge at New Zealand National exhibitions.
  2. The UAE will accept accredited national and international judges from New Zealand to judge at nominated national exhibitions.
  3. These judges will also act as commissioners carrying exhibits.
  4. The exchange will take place each year and alternate between the two areas ie
    Year 1 – Judge/Commissioner from New Zealand to the UAE
    Year 2 – Judge/Commissioner from the UAE to New Zealand
  5. This agreement is between NZPF and EPA but NZPF will accept a judge/commissioner and exhibits from other GCC countries as may be arranged by EPA.
  6. Exhibits: The judge/commissioner will take at least 20 frames of adult entries. More entries including Youth and Postcards would be welcome. Entries will be governed by the exhibition prospectus.
  7. Expenses: For the judge/commissioner the country holding the exhibition (host country) will provide at its cost:
    • hotel or motel accommodation including breakfast
    • transport between the local airport and the accommodation
    • a ticket to the Palmares/Awards Dinner (two tickets if a partner is also travelling)
  8. Air fares: The judge/commissioner will arrange and pay for their own return air fare.
  9. The exchange will start in 2014 and last for 4 (four) years unless cancelled by mutual agreement. It may be extended in multiples of 2 (two) years.
New Zealand Philatelic Federation
[signed] Mark Benvie, President
29 March 2014
Emirates Philatelic Association[signed] Abdulla Khoory, President
15 February 2014