NZPF Southern Region established 1928



West End Hall, 35A Maltby Avenue, Timaru 2nd Wednesday monthly October-March at 7:30pm; April-September 2:00pm.

Calendar of events


Mar 13 – Timaru meeting
Apr 10 – Timaru meeting
May 8 – Timaru meeting
Jun 12 – Timaru meeting
Jul 10 – Timaru meeting
Aug 14 – Timaru meeting
Sep 11 – Timaru meeting
Oct 9 – Timaru meeting
Nov 13 – Timaru meeting
Dec 11 – Timaru meeting

Club activities and services

One-page topics

Each meeting members are asked to bring one page containing at least 5 stamps from a country with explanatory notes. Each entry is spoken to at the meeting and then made ready for display on the Society’s notice board in the Timaru District Council Library.The overall winner for the year is awarded the Tiggles Trophy.


The society publishes a regular newsletter for members.


The society has an active circuit.