• unite into one Federation the various philatelic societies and stamp clubs
  • represent member societies and clubs and advance the interests of philatelists
  • facilitate the exchange of ideas and issues relating to philately among member societies and clubs
  • create, stimulate and maintain national interest in philately and stamp collecting
  • encourage projects which will advance the interests of philately
  • promote cooperation amongst philatelic societies and clubs


Organised philately began in New Zealand with the formation of the Philatelic Society of New Zealand, later to become the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, in 1888. Other societies were formed but of our present-day societies the Royal (1888), Christchurch Philatelic Society (1911) and Dunedin Philatelic Society (1913) are the oldest.

The present Federation, then known as the Federation of New Zealand Philatelic Societies, was formed on 13 March 1948.