About us

The New Zealand Philatelic Federation (abbreviated to Federation or NZPF) is an organisation which represents its members, stamp and postcard societies and clubs from around New Zealand and includes a society based in Great Britain. Enabling it to do this Federation has:

  • established rules and procedures to ensure our members have a presence nationally and internationally.
  • have access to resources to assist them with their own organisation and mechanisms to ensure their voice is heard in the wider philatelic community.

This section of the website provides details of how and what Federation does and how members and others are able to access Federation.


Federation was founded in 1948. Reaching this point and what has happened since is covered in this area of the site.


Federation is an Incorporated Society. Its current rules, particularly its objectives, have changed remarkably little over the years but have adjusted as required to face the requirements of running an efficient organisation.


This section provides details of standing policies and procedures relating to how Federation relates to our members and individuals.


To ensure members have a voice reflecting New Zealand, the executive is made up of a President and Secretary who are voted for each year and regional delegates chosen by members of that region. Current executive members and how they can be contacted are contained in this area.

Philatelic Trusts

Philatelic trusts, some directly involving Federation, have been established over the years. The objectives of these trusts are to support philately in a range of ways described here.

Philatelic awards

Federation believes it is important to recognise the contribution individuals make to the hobby. A process of identifying and suitably awarding such people is described here.

International involvement

Federation is the NZ representative on international philatelic organisations and has close relationships with other similar national bodies, particularly Australia.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any queries or issues you would like to raise. If you have any complaints about how we or any member has handled your concern this section provides details of our procedures and how we will respond.