Guidelines for New Zealand National Philatelic Exhibition Organising Committees

Being part of the organising committee of a successful stamp exhibition can be extremely rewarding.

Many society committees have been deterred from running an exhibition for the first time because they do not understand what may be required. Or, once they have committed to running an exhibition, they have not had access to information which they feel they need. This publication is aimed at addressing these concerns.

This document gives guidance arising from the experiences of previous organising committees to assist an organising committee to plan their own exhibition. Some of the ways of doing things have been tested in many exhibitions but, while this might suggest it is therefore the only way of doing it, your committee may consider an alternate (hopefully not without first assessing it against past practice).

If your committee is not sure please seek advice from your NZPF co-ordinator (once one has been appointed), contact the NZPF secretary at [email protected] or approach the secretary or chairman of previous exhibitions.

The complete document can be downloaded using Guidelines forNZ National Exhibition Organising Committees. However, for those individuals who may be tasked with a particular area of responsibility separate PDF files are provided for each of the chapters.

Chapter Subject
Cover, introduction and timeline
1 Organising committee
2 Administration
3 Finance
4 Fund raising
5 Promotion and publicity>
6 Exhibits
7 Jury
8 Accommodation
9 Exhibition Catalogue
10 medals certificates and prizes
11 Venue
12 Frames
13 Bin room management
14 Activities at the exhibition
15 Palmares
16 After the show


Guidelines for National Philatelic Literature Exhibitions

For completeness guidelines for running a literature exhibition are included as PDF file at Nationsal Philatelic Literature Exhibition Guidelines