To ensure your members remain interested and involved in club activities consider what to include in the meeting programme. While many people are ‘happy’ to have the same core events for successive meetings this might lead others to lose interest. The following detail a range of activities found to have been successful in society meetings and are worth considering for your own club.
In some cases they may have been used in the past by your club. However, time moves on and your current membership may find the reintroduction of something used in the past will seem fresh and worthy of continuing.

Activity points
A process for encouraging on-going participation in club activities.

Alphabet evenings
As simple as A, B and C. Provides a good focus for simple, and sometimes not-so-simple, displays.

Exhibit pages
A range of exhibits available when you want some different topics to cover.

Guest speakers
Most people love to talk about their collecting interests and their enthusiasm rubs off on your members.

Items of interest
A great way to encourage participation at the meetings – people to like to talk about the things that interest them and will likely interest others.

Members’ meeting
Again, a way to invite people to present material that interests them and participate in the society meetings.

Philatelic quiz
Don’t make it too difficult but a good option to involve everyone at your meetings.

Arranging visits to sites of specific interest to philatelist but could also be a great opportunity to introduce our hobby to others.