The Neville Harris Memorial Trophy is an inter-club competition in memory of Neville Harris, a member of a number of societies in the Wellington region, and latterly president of the Kapiti Philatelic Society.

1. This is a Club, not an individual trophy. The object is to encourage club members to exhibit their material.
2. The competition is open to: Kapiti Philatelic Society, Wellington Philatelic Society, Hutt Valley Philatelic Society and the Upper Hutt Stamp Club.
3. Competed for at the Wellington Regional Stamp Show (or similar) which is generally held each year.
4. Entries are comprised of 16 pages (one frame) but clubs may enter 2 x 8 page entries to count as a 16 page entry.
5. All NZPF classes except youth.
6. Judging is to be completed by two judges on the NZPF National Judges Register using the NZPF one frame judging criteria.
7. Points to be awarded:
(a) 2 points for every 16 pages with a maximum of 10 points
(b) marks for all entries from a club averaged
(c) marks from (a) + (b) = club total mark
The club with the highest total holds the trophy until the next competition the following year.
[See examples below]
8. Winning club responsible for engraving year and club name on small plate on back of trophy.
9.  Trophy to be returned to the organising committee one month before the next competition.
10. Clubs to send a list of their entries to Exhibits Convenor, Wellington Regional Stamp Show as advised in pre-show publicity.
Example 1 Example 2
(a) 4 entries   8 9 entries 10
(b) Entries gain 70, 89, 80, 73 points =312 in total, an average of 312/4 78 The entries gain 648 points an average of 648/9 72
(c) Club total 86 82