The development of New Zealand national philatelic judging regulations is based on the following papers and decisions.

Report by G J Ellott NZ Delegate to the FIP congress in Prague in 1988

Para. 5 c] Follow up on international and NATIONAL implementation of the new regulations and guidelines. The FIP now require that, at national exhibitions, the appropriate FIP judging regulations and guidelines be followed. This is especially important as, only by obtaining appropriate award at a national exhibition, can an exhibit enter an international exhibition. It is, therefore, essential that the criteria of exhibiting and the basis of judging should be similar and complementary [as reported in The Mail Coach, Vol. 25, No. 2].

NZPF Executive Meeting 19 November 1993

The Executive of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation received a paper “Judging Standard and Methods at National Exhibitions” prepared by Mr Robert Samuel.

It was unanimously agreed to accept Mr Samuel’s recommendations with only one minor amendment (the alteration from a recommended 93 points to 90 points for a Large Gold at a National Exhibition). It was therefore resolved:

That Mr Samuel’s report on Judging Standards and Methods at National Exhibitions be received and that in future National Exhibitions in New Zealand be judged based on the FIP International Standard, but modified as follows:

National International
1. Large Gold 90-100 95-100
2. Gold medal 85-89 90-94
3. Large Vermeil medal 80-84 85-89
4. Vermeil medal 75-79 80-84
5. Large Silver medal 70-74 75-79
6. Silver medal  65-69 70-74
7. Silver-Bronze medal  60-64 65-69
8. Bronze medal 50-59 60-64

Note: The NZPF Executive accepted the recommendation of the Chairman of the Jury SOUTHPEX ‘96 to discontinue the award of Certificate of Merit.

The national regulations are therefore those of the current FIP general regulations for the evaluation of competitive exhibits and special regulations for the evaluation of competitive exhibits in the various FIP classes (refer to under the title “Regulations”). To the extent that the FIP has published guidelines for judging competitive exhibits in the various classes, these will be followed at the national level.

Note that on occasions, amendments do occur and are published in the FIP Flash but may not be replicated on the FIP website or on this website. Where there is any doubt the details published on the FIP website will prevail.

The regulations and guidelines relating to FIP classes contained on this website are intended to be an accurate reflection of the FIP documents but do have some minor variations, clearly detailed, from those documents that apply to New Zealand National Exhibitions.

In addition, the NZPF has adopted its own regulations for judging non-FIP classes at the national level. .

Where a New Zealand judge is judging at an Australian or other overseas national exhibition, it is the responsibility of the New Zealand judge to obtain that other country’s Federation criteria for any classes they are likely to be judging as there may be differences in the national judging criteria.