Club administration

This section provides some general guidance to club committees on aspects of running a club or society.

Club Buy and Sell

Club or society members often join to gain access to material or have the opportunity to sell their surplus to others. A club or society can provide a range of services that facilitates this exchange of material and can often gain modest financial benefits. This section covers a range of options for clubs to assist members buy or sell material.

Club competitions

Competitions encourage collectors to mount material to tell a story. There are many forms of competitions at a club level ranging from regular 1-page displays for each meeting to more serious inter-club competitions and this sections describes many of these.

Meeting programmes

Most stamp clubs or societies have regular meetings for their members and potential new members. The meetings should cater for what the attendees want but most successful clubs try to provide a variety of content in their programmes to maintain interest of, and participation by, a wide cross-section of their members. This section describes a number of options to consider for inclusion in a club meeting.


From time-to-time members express uncertainty about aspects of collecting and consideration could be given to holding a workshop as part of, or in addition, to a regular meeting. Even long-time collectors could benefit from a refresher course or they are most likely to be among the people who would be asked to help present or provide guidance or constructive comment to the newer collectors among them.