WPS100 – dates changed.
The NZ Government announcement late February on its Covid strategy suggested to the WPS100 organising committee the July date was no longer viable. The strategy indicated Australians could probably attend without self-isolation after early October. This period coincided with the venue’s busy period, but we were fortunate other bookings could be moved enabling us to book in the second week of November.
WPS100 Stamp Show will now run from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November 2022
The organising committee imagines this may affect some potential exhibitors and visitors. (For example, these dates coincide with the FIP Cape Town 2022 exhibition). We do regret any inconvenience the change might cause but felt we had no alternative.

The WPS100 website can be found at wps100.nz.

Exhibitors please check Prospectus and Entry Form.

For general information about the show check Bulletin 1.