Trusts involving NZPF

There are several Trusts in which the NZPF either is represented by Trustees or directly administers.  These are as follows:

New Zealand National Philatelic Trust

The Trust provides financial assistance to any individual or group of people for the purposes of education, knowledge and advancement of philately or culture generally as expressed through postage stamps or historical postal services.

The Trustees comprise two representatives of the New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association, and two representatives of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation.

Fletcher-Cole Memorial Charitable Trust

In 2009 the NZPF established the Trust which it administers. A Trust was originally established in Whakatane in the memory of a former member of the Whakatane Philatelic Society. Subsequently the funds were transferred to the NZPF to administer.

The objectives of the Charitable Trust are stated as the advancement of the hobby of philately in New Zealand by means of supporting National Exhibitions. This is done through the provision of suitable awards, currently by providing the Runner-up to the Grand Award at New Zealand national philatelic exhibitions.

The Trust also provides some financial support, through an education fund it established, to the Federation Education Officer and will consider applications from philatelic societies holding training course, workshops or seminars. Such applications must conform to the requirements detailed at Applications for Support Fletcher Cole Memorial Trust

Other Philatelic Trusts

Central Districts Philatelic Trust

The Central Districts Philatelic Trust is a member of NZPF.  Projects supported are mainly centred on the Central District’s Region.  This includes library book purchases, assistance of young people attending stamp camps and some assistance for exhibitors from the region.  In addition the Trust facilitates the election of delegates to the Federation executive committee from the region and organisies the annual meeting of Central Region societies.

ZEAPEX Philatelic Trust

The ZEAPEX Philatelic Trust is a member of NZPF. It has provided over $500,000 to support the hobby over the years and remains committed to supporting organised philately in New Zealand.