Is your society considering running an exhibition?

Before committing you need to understand what this may entail.  The information contained here provides much of the requirements for running a National Exhibition and will therefore be necessary reading for any organising committee.

You may also find it useful to contact the organising committee of recently held exhibitions or that of the exhibition about to be held. They will be able to give you personal insights into running an exhibition and data that will help you formulate an initial budget and planning timeline.

NZPF Approved Regulations for National Exhibitions

This is the most important document as it is provides the conditions you agree to when you obtain the necessary approval of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation to hold a National Exhibition. This document also includes a link to the application form you must fil out to seek Federation approval.

Guidelines for NZ National Exhibition Organising Committees

The prime focus of this document is to give guidance arising from the experiences of previous organising committees to assist an organising committee to plan their own exhibition.

Contracts and Accords

The organising committee of an approved national exhibitions must enter into two contracts and be aware of a formal accord. In particular these relate to:

  • the contracts that you must enter into with NZ Post and the NZ Stamp Dealers Association;
  • the accord between the NZPF and the Australian Philatelic Federation which governs the appointments of Australian commissioners and acceptance of Australian exhibits;
Exhibition administration

The remaining material provided here supports the regulations and includes: