NZ2023 (FIAP) Auckland 4-7 May

Surname, First Name Exhibit Fr Med Pts Class/Subclass
Beach, Tim New Zealand 1960 Pictorials 8 fr V 80 Traditional
Benvie, Mark New Zealand Law Courts Revenue Stamps 1876-1882 1 fr 87 One Frame/Rev
Brown, Timothy William Sure and Steadfast: The Story of the Boys’ Brigade 3 fr LV 86 Youth C
Brownie, Louise The Kauri Tree 5 fr LV 86 Open Philately
Brownsey, Patrick The Fern – From Cosmopolitan Plant to New Zealand Icon 5 fr G 91 Open Philately
Capill, Colin New Zealand Meter Franks – 1904 to 1950 5 fr V 82 Traditional
Capill, Patricia Barbados – The George V Line Engraved Definitive Issues 8 fr G 91 Traditional
Carswell, Lindsay The Early Post Offices of Lyttelton Harbour 1849-1884 1 fr 83 One Frame/Post H
Chivers, Stephen New Zealand 1985-90 Janet Marshall Designed Endangered Birds 5 fr LV 88 Modern/Trad
Christensen, Michael Tin Can Mail Island 5 fr V 83 Open Philately
Clark, Murray The Threepence Second Side Face of New Zealand 1 fr 84 One Frame/Trad
Comrie, Monica Civil Censorship Process Australia WWII 8 fr LV+Fel 87 Postal History
Dizon, Nilo Jr The Hologram in Philately 5 fr V 82 Modern/Trad
Duns, Robert Airmail to New Zealand on the Imperial Airways Routes 1924-1945, and Alternative Services via USA 1940-1945 5 fr V 81 Aerophilately
McTaggart, Paul New Zealand 1946 Peace Issue 5 fr LV 86 Traditional
Paston, John The Suez Canal 8 fr LV 85 Open Philately
Rosenfeldt, Denise Auckland Domain, New Zealand 5 fr LV 87 Picture Postcards
Rowe, Emma Dessert – A History of Temptation 2 fr V 83 Youth A
Rowe, Samantha Children’s Literature – A History 3 fr LV 85 Youth A
Schluter, Tony New Zealand Overseas Mail Routes and Rates Pre 1874 8 fr LV 86 Postal History
Schwartz, Pauline New Zealand: “Central” – Otago’s Heart of Gold 5 fr LS 78 Picture Postcards
Scott, Barry New Zealand WWI War Tax Surcharge, 1915-1920 5 fr V 82 Postal History
Simpson, Jeffery The New Zealand Magpie Moth 1970-1973 5 fr V 82 Traditional
Treadwell, Martin The Postal History of the United States Military in the New Hebrides during WW2 5 fr LV 85 Postal History
Watson, Alastair Penny-Halfpenny Black, King George V New Zealand 1916 – Bock’s First Die: Provisional Stamp 1 fr 88 One Frame/Trad
Watson, Alastair King George V 1½d Lettercards – Bock Dies I & II, New Zealand 1916-1920 1 fr +Fel 88 One Frame/Post Sty
Willocks, Murray The Design and Production of the 1960 Pictorial Issue of New Zealand 5 fr LV 87 Traditional
Wisbey, Raymond Great Britain – Development of the London Postal Service Until 1840 8 fr LV 88 Postal History
Wright, Grant Fundraising CALS for Tarapex Exhibition 2008 4 fr LS 76 Modern/Trad
Wright, Warrick Revenue Gathering Stamps of New Zealand 5 fr V 84 Revenue