Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Cinderella Exhibits at New Zealand National Exhibitions

[Approved 9 November 2001]

Note: The Cinderella class is not a recognized FIP class. A medal won for a Cinderella exhibit judged under the following national regulations does not qualify for entry in an FIP exhibition.

Article 1 Competitive Exhibitions

These Special Regulations have been developed to supplement those principles of the FIP General Regulations for the Evaluation of Exhibits with regard to Cinderellas at exhibitions approved by New Zealand Philatelic Federation.

Article 2 Competitive Exhibits

Cinderellas include labels which resemble postage stamps but which are produced for purposes other than as a receipt for the payment of postage, stamp duty or other official charge.

Article 3 Principles of Exhibit Composition

A Cinderella exhibit could include such items as advertising labels and covers, Delandre and similar labels, Christmas and tuberculosis seals, bogus and phantom issues, private local issues. Such Cinderella material is not normally used for the payment of charges for official postal services or stamp duty. Revenues should be included in the Revenue Class.

Article 4 Judging of Exhibits

The general principles and guidelines applicable to the Traditional Class shall be used for the Cinderella Class but with allowance for being different material. The following breakdown of points shall be used in judging Cinderella exhibits:
Treatment and Importance of the exhibit      30
 Treatment 20
 Importance 10
Knowledge and Research      35
Condition and Rarity      30
 Condition 10
 Rarity 20
Presentation      5
TOTAL        100