Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Adult ½-frame Development Exhibits at NZ National Exhibitions

[Approved August 2009]

Note: Adult ½-frame (8-page) Development is not a recognized FIP class. An award won for an adult development exhibit judged under the following national regulations will not qualify for entry in an FIP exhibition.

The objectives of this class are to:

  • encourage adult collectors to “have a go” at exhibiting, and
  • provide a competition below the national level.
2.1 All normal national classes are included and there is no separation into Thematic and other classes. An Open Class type of exhibit should be judged in the same way as other exhibits but the non-philatelic material should not overwhelm the philatelic items.
2.2 The exhibit must have a title and a statement giving the purpose or objective of the exhibit is expected on the title page. A short tabulated plan is not mandatory but may be included.
Judging criteria
Exhibits should be judged bearing in mind it is a development class and not a national class. Points will be awarded out of 25 for:
Treatment 25
Knowledge 25
Material 25
Presentation 25
Total 100

  • statement giving objective of the exhibit
  • title, objective and material to be in accord
  • development of story
  • originality and appeal


  • philatelic knowledge
  • subject knowledge


  • good condition
  • variety where appropriate


  • neat and tidy, good balance
  • good layout
  • write-up legible and easily followed
Standard medal awards will apply:
Large Gold   90 – 100
Gold   85 – 89
Large Vermeil   80 – 84
Vermeil   75 – 79
Large Silver   70 – 74
Silver   65 – 69
Silver Bronze   60 – 64
Bronze   50 – 59
Every exhibitor will be given a certificate showing the Award level achieved, and a “fair copy” of the judging sheet.