Special Regulations for the Evaluation of ‘Entries Not Provided For Elsewhere’ Exhibits at New Zealand National Exhibitions

[Approved 9 November 2001]
Article 1 Competitive Exhibitions
These Special Regulations have been developed to supplement those principles of the FIP General Regulations for the Evaluation of Exhibits with regard to ‘Entries Not Provided For Elsewhere’ at exhibitions approved by New Zealand Philatelic Federation.
Article 2 Competitive Exhibits
This class is provided to develop innovation in exhibiting and for exhibits which do not fit into any of the other classes at an exhibition. This class is for philatelic entries. Entries which are primarily of non-philatelic material such as banknotes, phone cards and postcards are excluded from this class.
Article 3 Judging of Exhibits
The Chairman of the Jury shall determine the most appropriate class under which each entry is to be judged. In the absence of such determination, the breakdown of points of the Traditional Class shall be used. In view of the purpose for which this class is provided, it is recommended that a flexible approach be taken in judging.