Aerophilately Judging Worksheet

Exhibit No: ______________ Frame Nos.: ____________________

Exhibit Title: __________________________________________________________________________

1   Treatment and Philatelic Importance Points 
1.1 Treatment 20
• The exhibit has/has no plan/introduction page
• The plan/introduction page is incomplete
• The exhibit does/does not concur with title/plan
• The exhibit is/is not balanced on selected periods/scope
• The exhibit is/is not complete
• Important parts or objects are missing
• Scarce or expensive material is duplicated
• The exhibit space is/is not used properly for showing relevant aerophilatelic material
• Exhibited stamps/vignettes/labels must also be shown on flown covers
• Many objects are not carried by air
• The Subject is/is not relatively easy to complete
1.2 Philatelic Importance 10
• The exhibit is important/less important for aerophilately
• The exhibit cover a small field of collecting
• The scope should be enlarged/reduced
2 Philatelic and Related Knowledge, Personal Study and Research 35
• The correct items are/are not chosen for display
• The displayed items are/are not properly analysed
• Information about dates/postal rates/-routes/-markings are present/missing
• The information given is/is not correct
• Exhibits built on catalogues do not substantiate much philately
• The exhibit contain many overpaid covers
• The exhibit show outstanding personal research
• New and original research is/is not documented
• Available research is/is not used successfully
• The information given is/is not balanced against the introductory plan
3 Condition and Rarity
3.1 Condition 10
• The quality of the displayed material is/is not of acceptable condition
• Modern material should not be immaculate
• Repaired objects are not mentioned in the description
• Postmarks/manuscript markings are/are not legible
• Stamps/vignettes/labels shown are/are not in good condition
3.2 Rarity 20
• All the rare objects of the field are/are not shown
• The exhibit display new-discovered items
• Items of this field are/are not easy to acquire
• Common material dominate the exhibit
• “Philatelic made” material should be avoided
4 Presentation 5
• A nicely presented exhibit
• Too much/little on each sheet
• Lack of balance between the sheets in the exhibit
• Colour photos/photocopies are to be reduced 25%
• The exhibit is visually less attractive
Total 100