Special Regulations and Guidelines for the Evaluation of Modern Exhibits at New Zealand National Exhibition

Note: The Modern philately class is not a fully recognised FIP class. At this time

[2014] it is an FIP class for Traditional, Postal History and Postal Stationery classes and FIP has indicated it plans to extend it to other classes in the near future. An award won for an exhibit judged under the following national regulations may not qualify for an entry in an FIP exhibition.

The Modern philately class has been provided to encourage exhibits covering material sourced in the recent past.
Entry class
Modern applies to all exhibiting classes except Postcards, Adult Development, Youth and Philatelic Literature.
Special conditions
While there is some latitude in the age of the material in the exhibit the substantial part of the exhibit must be comprised of material issued within the last 30 years.
4.1 The entries will be judged by the relevant philatelic class judging team.
4.2  With the exception of the Thematic Class, where the points assigned to the criteria ‘treatment’ and its components remain unchanged, for all other classes the points assigned the criteria ‘treatment and importance’ are adjusted as detailed below.
Open class All other classes
Treatment  30 Treatment and importance 30
Title and plan 10 Treatment 25
Treatment 20 Importance 5
4.3 The criteria ‘rarity’ normally assigned 20 points will be assessed using the split ‘rarity’ 10 points and ‘difficulty of acquisition’ 10 points. This recognises that modern material may not necessarily be ‘rare’ using normal criteria for this attribute but, nevertheless, may be extremely hard to acquire.
4.4 The distribution of points described in 4.2 and 4.3 recognises that modern material is worthy of study and in many instances is difficult to acquire, treat and present as the short passage of time since its issue has not provided an accurate or precise indication of importance or rarity.
4.5 Apart from the changes indicated in 4.2 and 4.3 all other normal criteria for the relevant class will be used.
Normal medal awards will be made.
Judges should hesitate before recommending no award at all. The object is to encourage exhibitors not to tell them to give up exhibiting.