Blenpex 2012 Stamp Show – Awards List

Grand Award: Jenny Banfield Medicine – Its History and Development

Runner-up to the Grand Award: Doug South Our Feathered Friends

Exhibitor Title of Exhibit  Pts  Award*
 Class 1.2 Jury Class
Len Jury New Zealand Instructional Mail 1831-1914 92 LG
Jeff Trinidad  Latvia 1918-1922 77 V
Tony Presgrave The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Murray River Trade 76 V
S Teck Swan Loy The Mail Delivery System in Singapore 1979-2003 73 LS
Lindsay Chitty Maoritanga of New Zealand – the Culture of a Proud Race 90 LG
Evie South Picton New Zealand – the Discovery of a Lost Love 78 LS
Jillian Williams A Mountain from Any Angle: Mount Egmont 77 LS
Ross Marshall Poland Judicial Mail 88 Ru
Jillian Williams Recreation Grounds New Plymouth 79 Em
Lindsay Chitty The Language of Philately through New Zealand Stamps and Postal History 81 LV
Karen Jeffrey Diana – The Peoples’ Princess 71 Em
Sue Vernall Fromology to Philately 83 Ru
Mark Benvie Introduction of Territorial Force Military Training Camps in New Zealand 77 Em
Mark Benvie Free Postage Privilege of NZ 6th to 10th Boer War Contingents
 Class 2.1 Traditional: New Zealand and Australia
Grant Clifford The New Zealand Chalon Issues 1855-1873 79 V+SP
Doug Prescott Christmas Stamps of New Zealand 1990-1999 68 S
Bill Register New Zealand Perfins 77 V
Penny Wells New Zealand the Pictorial Issue 1935-1947 86 G+SP
Graeme Morriss New Zealand 1935-1947 Pictorial Definitives: A Chronological Presentation 83 LV
 Class 2.2 Traditional: Other Countries
Joshua Black Croatian Landscapes 1941-1945 77 V
Bill Register Japan Perfins 78 V
Pat Capill Barbados – the George V Line Engraved Definitive Issue 81 LV
Phil Platt The Three Rajahs 77 V
Chee Keong Wong A Study of TEC Postage Value Labels of Singapore 1983-2003 82 LV
Clyde Ziegeler Jaipur 1904-1950 75 V
Denise Rosenfeldt Fiji George VI Pictorial Definitives 72 LS
Shirley Hebberd United States of America Local Posts 70 LS
Ross Duberal Fiji 1871-1928 89 G+SP +Fel
John Gibson New Hebrides from 1892-1938 79 V
Ken Moore Northern Rhodesia 1917 to 1963 81 LV
Ken Moore Sultans of Zanzibar 76 V
Ronald Allan British Postal Services – Inland Rates from 1800-1879 70 LS
Glen Stafford British New Guinea and Papua’s Lakatoi Definitives 83 LV+SP
Derek Pocock The Railway Parcel Stamps of Rhodesia and Zambia 67 S
Class 3.1 Postal History: New Zealand and Australia  
Monica Comrie Australian Civil Censorship Mail WWII 1939-1945 80 LV
 Ross Dean New Zealand Victories – Blenheim, Nelson, Westport and Greymouth Postmarks 59 B
 John Goose Ink Jet Cancellations New Zealand Mail 1993-1994 81 LV+SP
Tony Schluter Postal History of the Far North of New Zealand 72 LS
Class 3.2 Postal History: Other Countries
Henry Ong Malaysia Postal Union 1935-1942 76 V
Vincent Ong The Quest for Postal Privacy 90 LG+SP
 Class 4.1 Postal Stationery
Alastair Gow Great Britain Registered Postal Stationery 1878-1923 79 V
Paul Barsdell Indo China Postal Stationery 78 V
Ian McMahon Queensland 1880-1912 82 LV
Glen Stafford Nicaraguan Postal Stationery, the Seebeck Era 83 LV+SP
Harold Waite Post Office Advertising Lettercards 1926-1958 67 S
 Class 4.2 Thematics
Doug South Our Feathered Friends 92 LG+SP
Len Roberts Orchids 72 LS
Yvette Trinidad History of Medical Discoveries 75 V
Hank Smits Umbrellas, Parasols and Parasollets 66 S
 Class 4.3 Revenues
Martin Walker South Australia’s Revenue Stamps 1886-1966 90 LG+SP
 Class 4.4 Aerophilately
Tony Schluter Airmail Remote Northland 1919-1947 68 S
Ross Wood Nyasaland Airmail 78 V
David Collyer France – Australasia Airmail Rates 1930-1993 83 LV+SP
 Class 5.1 One Frame
Derek Pocock 100 Years of the Gribskovbanen 78 Em
Wendy Barrett-Prescott Saviours of the Sea 61 Sa
Violet Stewart The Book That Changed the World – the History of the King James Bible 73 Em
George Stewart Zimbabwe Rhodesia 62 Sa
Frank Jans New Zealand Social Events 1903-1921 86 Ru+SP
George Stewart Birchenough Bridge 61 Sa
Frank Jans Trout “Salmon Trutta” Fishing 62 Sa
Terry Isaac New Foundland – First/Early Airmail Flights 1921-1947 75 Em
Terry Isaac Canadian Semi-Official Airmail 1926-1932 74 Em
John Comrie Lufthansa, the German Airliine 65 Sa
Monica Comrie The Humble Chicken 70 Em
Jan Price The Marine Green Turtle 66 Sa
Judy Gibson Monkeys 59 To
Judy Gibson Orchids 63 Sa
Judy Gibson Windmills 62 Sa
James Kirk Falcons 79 Em
Rick Oxenham The US 6c Transport Airmail Stamp 80 Ru
Jeff Long The Antarctic Adventures of Ian Harkness 1964-65 76 Em
Jeff Long New Zealand’s Proof of Delivery Service 79 Em
Sue Simmonds The Auckland Harbour Bridge: A New Zealand Icon 65 Sa
Val Gould Barn Owls 79 Em
Jim Shaw New Zealand Decimals 1967-2010 Errors by Design 81 Ru
Jim Shaw New Zealand 1d Revenue 1878 Stamp Duty 82 Ru
Jim Shaw New Zealand 1½d Boer War Commemoratives 1900-1908 81 Ru
Robert Livingston Canterbury Aviation (NZ) Ltd 77 Em
Tony Schluter Kororareka – Russell. The First Post Office in New Zealand 74 Em
Tony Schluter Cape Reinga 1941-2006 62 Sa
 Class 6.1 Youth 10-15 years 1-3 Frames
Warrick Wright Revenue Gathering Stamps of New Zealand 81 LV+SP +Fel
Anna McTaggart Wild to Working 73 LS
Sharon McTaggart The Search for the Big Five 73 LS
Michael Davis Riding the Railroad 77 V+SP
Ryan Smith Armed Forces 76 V+SP
Lachlan Smith Gold 72 LS
Kacy Bellve Elephants 76 V
Hadley Muller Water Creatures 63 SB
Matthias Paltridge The Olympic Games 69 S
Hadley Muller Dinosaur Extreme 62 SB
Isabella Beach Animals as Companions and Friends 77 V
 Class 7.1 Open
Pauline Schwartz Portrait of the Artist 64 SB
Lynne Nicholl Tobacco 89 G+SP
Ken Markham Early NZ History Traced Through Stamps, Mail and Ephemera 86 G+SP
Annette Parry Aspects of Bats 62 SB
Bruce Isted Moving the Mail 78 V
Paul Stark Terra Australis Incognita 84 LV+SP
James Kirk Winged Rainbows: Macaws 78 V
Ron & Shirley Hebberd American Civil War 71 LS
Lynn Kitchin Early Navigators to Governor MacQuarie 68 SB
Helen Robb The Delightful Teddy Bear 78 V
Sue Simmonds In Pursuit of the North Pole 78 V
Marilyn Gendek The International Council of Nurses 76 V
Jenny Banfield Medicine – Its History and Development 95 LG+SP
Sandy Johnston On Shaky Ground 77 V
Sandy Johnston Chocolate 82 LV
 Class 7.4 Adult Development 8 pages First National
Christine Haythornthwaite The Damaged Churches of Christchurch 2010-2011 67 Sa
Libby Davis New Zealand Jamborees 1954-1969 69 Sa+SP
 Class 7.4 Adult Development 1-2 Frames
Michael Christensen Tin Can Mail 74 Em
Darryl Baxter 1960 Pictorials – Usage on Cover 67 Sa
Paul McTaggart Awarded for Valour 76 Em
Michael Smith Cartography – The World going Global through the Post 79 Em+SP
Ian Burtt New Zealand Government Life Stamps 77 Em+SP
Grace Phillips Tea 68 Sa
 Class 8.1 Youth Development Below 13 Years (8 or 16 pages)
Amber Bevan New Zealand Stamps of 2002 62 Sa
Casey Bevan Horses at Work 66 Sa
Hadley Muller Native Birds of New Zealand 71 Em+SP
 Class 8.2 Youth Development 13-15 Years (8 or 16 pages)
Anna McTaggart Around the South Island in Eight Pages 70 Em+SP
 Class 8.3 Youth Development 16-21 Years (16 pages)
Isabella Beach My Journey Around the South Island 69 Sa
Tait Beekmans East and West of the Southern Alps 68 Sa
Louisa Slack Agriculture: Animals, Products and Industry 73 Em+SP
Kieran Liddington Christmas Fun, Frost and Father Christmas 64 Sa
 Class 9.1 Postcards: One or Two Frames
Bob Andrews Colombo Harbour 75 Em
Len Roberts Ni Sa Bula – A Glimpse of Fiji 62 Sa
Bruce Isted Wanganui “Generic” Comic Postcards 80 Ru
Hank Smits Napier City – Floral Clock 55 To
Elspeth Wells Around Parts of the Top of the South with a Camera 67 Sa
Monica Comrie Wool 86 Ru
Donna Stenhouse The Last Age of Elegance 83 Ru
Derek Pocock The Postcards of the Royal Masonic Senior School 73 Em
Ross Duberal Fiji – Arthur Mills, Publisher 1907-11 80 Ru
John Bell The British at Jutland 84 Ru
John Bell The Germans at Skagerrak 88 Ru
Lorenzo Giardiello 1908 American Fleet Visit 86 Ru
Lorenzo Giardiello Rifle Marksmans’ Contest 90 D+SP
David Figg Circular Quay, Hub of Sydney 83 Ru
David Figg Young Peoples Society of Christian Endeavour 84 Ru
David Figg American Match Factories on Picture Postcards 85 Ru
David Figg The Independent Order of Rechabites 87 Ru
Michel Roland Then and Now 84 Ru
Linda Weldon The Tower of London 76 Em
 Class 9.2 Postcards: Three To Eight Frames
Mike Rhodes Elko County – Nevada 89 G
Lorenzo Giardiello World War I Silk Cards 90 G+D +SP
Paul Ferris New Zealand Post Office Buildings up to 1940 81 LS
Laurie Dale A Charm of Bamforths 55 B
Paula Bayley English Cathedrals and Abbeys of Cheshire, the Midlands and South England 79 S
Lynda Saunders Waiau Ferry Bridge and Beyond 81 LV
Ann Still A Postcard View of Early Nelson and District 86 G
Jeff Long William Thompson Wilson 93 G+D +SP
Yvonne Benson The Day the Earth Shook 82 LV
Derek Pocock The Postcards of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 80 LV
Jenny Long Estuary to Esplanade: The Sumner Coast 90 G+D
Laurie Dale Touring the Wanganui River 72 S
 Class Literature
Mark Jurisich The Postmarks of Ross Dependency 74 LS

* Key to Awards

Medals  Gemstones
LG = Large Gold D = Diamond
G+D = Gold with Distinction (postcards) Ru = Ruby
G = Gold Em = Emerald
LV = Large Vermeil Sa = Sapphire
V = Vermeil To = Topaz
LS = Large Silver
S = Silver Other codes
SB = Silver Bronze Fel = Felicitations
B = Bronze SP = Special Prize