Sixth NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition – 1999

No Author Title Award Year
6001 Joseph Aron Holy Land/Middle East/Levant Philatelic Auction Catalogues: an annotated bibliography (3rd Edition) B 1999
6002 Nicholas Asimakopulos The Plate Flaws of the Large Hermes Heads of Greece, 1861-1886 V 1995
6003 Peter L Baldwin A Study of the King George VI Stamps of St Kitts-Nevis 1938-1950 (2nd Edition) S 1997
6004 Leon Balian L Balian Catalogue, Stamps of Egypt with Egypt used in Palestine and Sudan V 1998
6005 Philip Beale A History of the Post in England from the Romans to the Stuarts LV 1998
6006 A H Burgess The Postal History and Postage Stamps of the Tokelau/Union Islands (2nd Edition) LV 1998
6007 Alfred M Chu Hong Kong: the 1898 10c on 30c Provisional Issue LS 1998
6008 L G Dale Index of Suffix Letters (2nd Edition) B 1998
6009 Ross Duberal The Postal Stationery of Fiji V 1998
6010 John Duggan Graf Zeppelin Flights to England S 1998
6011 John Duggan & Gisela Woodward Graf Zeppelin Polar Post SB 1996
6012 David Feldman SA Great Britain: the First Cover, May 1, 1840 SB 1999
6013 Osvaldo M Giordano (ed) El Escritor Filatélico en un Mundo en Cambio / The Philatelic Writer in a Changing B 1999
6014 G B Overprints Society British Levant: Study Paper 1: Queen Victoria Issues (Draft No. 2) SB 1998
6015 G B Overprints Society British Post Offices in the Persian Gulf, Study Paper 1: King George VI Stamp  SB 1994
6016 Keith A Griffiths New Zealand Airgraph Service 1942-1945  S 1999
6017 Harry (H F) Henning East Africa World War II: an assessment of date stamps, cancellations, censor marks  S 1996
6018 D E Hurley A Bibliography of New Zealand Cinderellas S 1997
6019 D E Hurley (compiler) A Bibliography of New Zealand Military Postal History S 1998
6020 D E Hurley (compiler) Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand: the RPSNZ Library: a list of library holdings as at 31 July, 1997 SB 1997
6021 Not indicated Italia ’98 Catalogo delle Partecipazioni and Catalogo Generale
[Also displayed is the Italia ’98 multimedia CD-Rom]
SB 1998
6022 Derek Jefcoate An Introduction to the Overprinted Stamps of Great Britain B 1997
6023 Mario D Kurchan Rutas y Tarifas de los Correos Aéreos en Sudamérica, 1928-1940 / Air Mail Routes and Rates in South America, 1928-1940 [bilingual] LS 1999
6024 David Lu The International Postal Route of China (1914-1945) B
6025 Tony Mansfield National Mail (NZ) Limited: the first significant competitor to New Zealand Post? The service, the stamps and the products SB 1999
6026 Mizuhara Meiso Korean Postal History 1884-1905 [English edition] V 1998
6027 Adam J Miller (compiler) Index to The New Zealand Stamp Collector (1919-1994) (including references into the Handbooks Volume I-VII) LS 1998
6028 G B Pai The Classics of India LS 1997
6029 G B Pai A Collection of the Catalogue, Statutes and Notices relating to Indian Post Office till the end of the 19th Century S 1997
6039 Balchand & Jaya Pai Collecting Stamps CoM 1997
6031 Murray Payne Ltd The King George VI Commonwealth Postage Stamp Catalogue 1997 (17th Edition) LS 1997
6032 Richard C Peck & David Ingle Smith (eds) Priced Catalogue of New South Wales Revenue and Railway Stamps (based on the 1983 work of D W D Craig and A E Orchard) S 1999
6033 Christopher J Podger Cyprus Revenue Stamps 1872-1997 V 1997
6034 J G Rodger (ed. Edward B Proud) The Postal History of Fiji V 1999
6035 Obré J Sanders Ceylon Postal History 1857-1902 LV 1999
6036 David Smitham “Smitham’s Column” (A series of articles from Stamp News) B 1998/99
6037 James A Stapleton New Zealand Airmail Label and Aviation Cinderella Catalogue SB 1999
6038 R M Startup Wartime Airmails: the Trans-Pacific Route 1942-1945 SB 1997
6039 R M Startup & Edward B Proud History of the New Zealand Military Postal Services 1845-1991 V 1992
6040 Stirling & Co Ltd Kiwi-Tasman 1999-2000 New Zealand Stamp Catalogue SB 1999
6041 David A Stotter Morocco Agencies Study Paper 7: Cancellations of the British Post Offices in Morocco,British Period (1907-57), Part I: Offices other than Tangier SB
6042 Charles A L Swenson 1999 Catalog of the Roman-Letter Swordguard Postmarks of Japan S 1998
6043 Charles A L Swenson The Roman-Letter Swordguard Postmarks of Japan (2nd Edition) LS 1996
6044 B G Vincent (ed.) The Postage Stamps of New Zealand volume VIII LV 1998
6045 Paolo Vollmeier (translated by Roy A Dehn) The Postal History of Sicily from its Beginnings to the Introduction of the Postage Stamp LG 1998
6046 Mark Warda Political Campaign Stamps S 1998
6047 Peter Wingent Aircraft Movements on Imperial Airways’ Eastern Route, Volume I: 1927 to 1937 LS 1999
6048 Alan Tunnicliffe (ed) New Zealand Air Mail News – Air mail Society of New Zealand B 1998
6049 Ross Marshall (ed) Pochta, nos.22-26 – Australia and New Zealand Society of Russian Philately S 1997/99
6050 Alan Meech(ed) The Burma Peacock vols.17-18 Burma Philatelic Study Circle S 1996/98
6051 Paolo Vollmeier (ed) Fakes Forgeries Experts nos.1 and 2 – AIEP / FIP LV 1998/99
6052 John Moody(ed) Stanley Gibbons’ International Stamp News SB 1998/99
6053 Bruce Graves (ed) Manawatu, nos.116-132 – Manawatu Philatelic Society B 1996/99
6054 Murray Payne Ltd Sixth Sense [King George VI Newsletter] nos.15-20 SB 1997/99
6055 Alena Pascual(ed) The Baton nos.87-92 Philatelic Music Circle S 1997/98
6056 Suzanne Vaassen(ed) The Mail Coach vols.34-35 Postal History Society of New Zealand SB 1997/98
6057 Ian McMaho(ed(ed) Postal Stationery Collector vol.4 Postal Stationery Society of Australia SB 1998/99
6058 Derek Lambert(ed) The Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle nos.181-191 Rhodesian Study Circle S 1997/99
6059 Richard Bloxham(ed) The New Zealand Stamp Collector, vol.78 Royal Philatelic Society of NZ S 1998
6060 Sandra Downs(ed) The Posthorn vol.55 Scandinavian Collectors Club S 1998
6061 Bob Gibson(ed) ThemeNZ, nos.38-48 Thematic Association of New Zealand SB 1997/98
6962 Sue Vernall(ed) Wellington Philatelic Society Newsletter Wellington Philatelic Society B 1997/99


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