Ninth NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition – 2005

No   Author  Title    Award   Year  
9001 Vaccari, Italy 1852 Modena 2002: 1500 Anniversario dei Francobolli Estensi (Italian with a high percentage of self-explanatory illustrations) LSG 2002
9002 Hugh Osborne The 1937 King George VI Coronation Issue of the Falkland Islands B 2004
9003 Eddie Bridges The Aerogrammes of the Union of South Africa 1942-1961 LS 2004
9004 Kendall C Sanford Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways and Predecessor Airlines LSG 2003
9005 Peter Wingent Aircraft Movements on Imperial Airways’ Eastern Route: volume 2, 1937 to 1939 LS 2005
9006 John Hill Alternative Postal Operators in New Zealand: part two SB 2004
9007 Tony Rentjes Ballarat Philatelic Society Inc: a history B 2004
9008 David Y Lu Chinese Airmails and their Forgeries LS 2004
9009 F C Moldenhauer AS Bernt Fossum International Grand Prix Collection: Norway – the first two issues
[Colour reproduction of the collection in hardback form, plus two auction catalogues in paperback]
SG 2003/04
9010 Richard Beith British South American Airways 1946-1949: a sourcebook for aerophilatelists, with notes on previous attempts to introduce a British South Atlantic air mail service S 2004
9011 Enrico Bertazzoli & Beppe Ermentini Catalogo dei Perfin Italiani / Italian Perfins Catalogue (Bilingual Italian/English) LS 2000
9012 Hans G Moxter Censorship of Mail in Ireland LS 2003
9013 Roy Dehn Dictionary of English and Italian Philatelic Terms (Bilingual English/Italian) LS 2004
9014 Peter Gysin & R David Locke Drink-Driving, Alcohol and Drugs on Postal Cancellations SB 2004
9015 Roberto Sciaky Ethiopia 1867-1936: history, stamps and postal history G 1999
9016 Roberto Sciaky Ethiopia, Haile Selassie – the Exile, the Restoration, the Deposition: history, stamps and postal history 1936-1974 G 2003
9017 Roberto Sciaky Ethiopia, Tewodros to Menelik: postal history from the Napier expedition to the independent Imperial Post 1867-1908 (and accompanying floppy disk) G 2002
9018 Norvall Skreien Grieg Rapsodi. (Norwegian with English summary) S
9019 Hilton Dickens Handbook-Catalogue of the Stamps produced by the New Zealand Alternative Postal Operators 1998-2005: a permanent adjustable guide for collectors SB 2005
9020 Gerhard Binder Hyper-Inflation in Germany 1923: postal history and list of rates from 1906-1923 S 2003
9021 Stephen Jones Illustrated First Day Covers of New Zealand (Pre-decimal Period), Part 2: commemoratives, definitives, Christmas, Government Life, Ross Dependency, airmail SB 2004
9022 Pradip Jain Indian Airmails: development and operations (1911-1942) LSG 2002
9023 Peter Gysin Krebs – Cancer: cancellations and stamps (Bilingual German/English) B 2005
9024 Mario Mentaschi Lire, Soldi, Crazie, Grana e Bajocchi: postal rates from the first postage stamps to the taking of Rome 1850-1870 (2 volumes, the second being a detailed English translation of the text of the first) LSG 2003
9025 Colin W Spong Madagascar: No.10, Rail and Mail Services S 2003
9026 John Heath & Doug Stout Mexico – the 1868 Issue: a specialist handbook G 2004
9027 RJI Philatelics Michel USA Specialized Catalog 2003/2004 (English Edition) LS 2004
9028 Ernest A Mosher Mourning Covers: the cultural and postal history of letters edged in black SG 2003
9029 David R Beech, Allan P Berry, Robin M Startup (compilers) New Zealand and Dependencies – a Philatelic Bibliography LSG 2004
9030 Tony C Thackery New Zealand First Day and Early Use Covers and Stamps 1855-2003 LSG 2004
9031 Joseph H Chalhoub The Nile Post Handbook and Catalogue of Egyptian Stamps: including listings of the Egyptian issues for Palestine and Sudan, as well as those of the French Consular Post Offices in Alexandria and Port-Said LG 2003
9032 Robert W Hisey & R Timothy Bartshe Orange Free State Philately Volume 2, The Telegraphs: the Republic and the Occupation 1854-1903 SG 2004
9033 Tom Current Overprints on British Stamps for Use Abroad SB 2002
9034 Colleen A Woolley & Janet S Eury The Passion and Pitfalls of Pictorial and Commemorative Postmarks (Australian PictorMarks monograph 1) B 2004
9035 Colleen A Woolley & Janet S Eury Pictorial and Commemorative Postmarks of Tasmania 1894-2004 B 2004
9036 Salvador Bofarull Pigeon Mail through History LSG 2001
9037 Dennis H Collings & Jack A Gunn Postal Markings of the Mornington Peninsula B 2004
9038 Peter Thy & John Inglefield-Watson The Postal Stationery of the Bechuanalands and Botswana LSG 2004
9039 Colleen A Woolley & Janet S Eury Postmarks of the Australian Antarctic Territory 1911-2004 (Australian PictorMarks monograph 2) SB 2004
9040 Laurie G Dale Register of date stamps used by New Zealand Telegraph & Telephone Offices which operated independently of a Post Office SB 2003
9041 Fay Sweet British Post Office Royal Mail Special Stamps 20: the stories behind the stamps 2003 2003
9042 R A Malaviya Sorath Stamps and Postal History LS 1999
9043 John R Slatter South of the Old Coast Road: being the postal history of South-Eastern Southland, New Zealand LS 2004
9044 Giorgio Migliavacca (Ed) Specialised Stamp Catalogue of the British Virgin Islands 1787-2001 including Postal History, Postmarks and Cancellations LSG 2001
9045 Andrew Higson The Stamps of Swaziland 1889-1894 B 2004
9046 Dirk H R Spennemann ‘Steam to Tonga and Samoa’: the Norddeutscher Lloyd Mail Service 1886 to 1893 SB 2002
9047 W A Laxon The Straits Steamship Fleets 2004
9048 Jordi Domingo i Gimeno Domfil Thematic Stamps Catalogue: Cats. 2nd edition (Bilingual Spanish/English) SB 2004
9049 Jordi Domingo i Gimeno Domfil Thematic Stamps Catalogue: Chess. 2nd edition (Bilingual Spanish/English) SB 2004
9050 Jordi Domingo i Gimeno Domfil Thematic Stamps Catalogue: Europa CEPT specialized. 6th edition (Bilingual Spanish/English) S 2005
9051 Robbin Dick Tips on Types: the Washington-Franklins Two Cent Reds 1908 to 1923 and Three Cent Violets 1908 to 1919 SB 2003
9052 Colleen A Woolley & Janet S Eury Trains and Trams: Australia’s pictorial and commemorative postmarks (Australian PictorMarks monograph 4) SB 2004
9053 Anthony D Presgrave The Travelling Post Offices of South Australia LS 1997
9054 Vaccari Vaccari Catalogo di Francobolli e Storia Postale Antichi Stati Italiani, Governi Provvisori, Regno d’Italia 1850-1900: 11th edition (Specialised catalogue of Italian States and C19th Italy; Italian with some English explanation) LSG 2004
9055 Peter Gysin & R David Locke Veterinary Science on Postal Cancellations: 2nd edition SB 2004
9056 Barry Floyd The White Rajahs of Sarawak: a philatelic and historical study SB 2003
9057 Charles J LaBlonde World War II Mail from Switzerland to Great Britain, Canada and the United States: a postal history handbook SG 2003
9058 John Duggan Zeppelin post: LZ 129 Hindenburg SG 2004
9059 Charles Bromser (Ed) The Asia Pacific Exhibitor Journal of the interNational Association for Philatelic Exhibitors (NAPE). Vol 17, 2004 [including Handbook for the Australian Exhibitor] SG 2004
9060 Alena Pascual (Ed) The Baton Journal of the Philatelic Music Circle Issues 105-110, 2003-04 S 2003/04
9061 J R Holman (Ed) British Philatelic Bulletin Volumes 40:5 to 42:4, 2003-04 S 2003/04
9062 John G Peebles (Ed) The Canadian Connection Journal of Canadiana Philately Volume 18 SB 2004
9063 Michael Moore (Ed) The Cover Collector Journal of Australian Cover Society No 1-7 SB 2003/05
9064 Peter Martin (Ed) First Days Journal of American First Day Cover Society Volume 49 S 2004
9065 Neil Donen (Ed) The Flagstaff Journal of King George V Silver Jubilee Study Circle Issue 20 July 2004 2004
9066 John Paston (Ed) The Gannet Magazine of Hawkes Bay Philatelic Society No 152-163 B 2003/04
9067 Hong Kong Philatelic Society Newsletter S 2004
9068 Andrew Cheung (Ed) Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journal No 9 SB 2005
9069 Des Hurley (Ed) Hutt Valley Philatelic Society Newsletter Issues 583-604 B 2003/04
9070 Alan Warren (Ed) Ice Cap News: Journal of the American Society of Polar Philatelists, Vols. 48 and 49 S 2003/04
9071 David McNamee (Ed) The Informer: Journal of the Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania Vol 68 S 2004
9072 John Barefoot (Ed) Journal of Chinese Philately: Journal of the China Philatelic Society of London Vol 52:1-52:3 2004/05
9073 Frank Walton (ed) The London Philatelist: Journal of the Royal Philatelic Society, London Vol 112 and 113 LSG 2003/04
9074 David Sessions, Graham Searle (Eds) Maple Leaves: Journal of the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain Vol 28:5-29:1 S 2004/05
9075 Allan Tunnicliffe New Zealand Air Mail News: Newsletter of the Air Mail Society of New Zealand Nos. 625-646 SB 2003/05
9076 Stephen Jones (Writer) New Zealand First Day Cover Newsletter Vols 1-2 SB 2002/05
9077 Larry Lyons (Ed) The Penny Post: Journal of the Carriers and Locals Society Vols. 11 and 12 LSG 2003/04
9078 Ross Marshall (Ed) POCHTA: Journal of the Australia & New Zealand Society of Russian Philately Issues 33-36 LS 2003/04
9079 Paul Albright (Ed) The Post Horn: Journal of the Scandinavian Collectors Club Vol. 61 S 2004
9080 Fred Taylor (Ed) Railway Philately: Journal of the Railway Philatelic Group Nos 36: 1-38:4 LS 2001/04
9081 Eddie Bridges (Ed) The Springbok: Journal of the South African Collectors Society Vol. 52 S 2004
9082 Petra & Heath (Eds) ThemNews: Journal of Thematics Southern Africa Vols 4 and 5 SB 2003/05
9083 Paolo Vaccari (Ed) Vaccari Magazine Nos 31-32 (Italian, partly bilingual/English)

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