Eleventh NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition 2009

Grand Award: The Half-Lengths of Victoria: the stamps and postal history 1850-59 J H Barwis & R W Moreton

Runner-up: Letter Mail from and to the Old Italian States 1850-1870 Mario Mentaschi & Thomas Mathà

Best Periodical: The Collectors Club Philatelist (The Collectors Club) Robert Odenweller(Ed)

No Author Title Award Year
11001 Safari A S Paterson & Co Ltd: a philatelic and postcard study SB  2009
11002 John Murr Cachets, Cancels, Cards: aspects of the postal history of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during World War I S 2009
11003 Murray Payne Ltd The Commonwealth King George VI Postage Stamp Catalogue 19th Edition LV 2008
11004 Various The Congress Book 2004 (American Philatelic Congress Inc) V 2004
11005 Various The Congress Book 2005 (American Philatelic Congress Inc) V 2005
11006 Various The Congress Book 2006 (American Philatelic Congress Inc) LV 2006
11007 Various The Congress Book 2007 (American Philatelic Congress Inc) V 2007
11008 Various The Congress Book 2008 (American Philatelic Congress Inc) V 2008
11009 Ron Casey & Kenneth Kamholz Cumulative Index to Japanese Philately Vols 1-60 (1946-2005) LV 2006
11010 John Campbell Czeslaw Slania – Master Engraver 1921-2005 LS 2008
11011 William A Barber & A Frank Brown Document Trivia of Great Britain and Ireland: circular date marks SB 2007
11012 William A Barber & A Frank Brown Document Trivia of Great Britain and Ireland: cost marks SB 2008
11013 J A Robb The 1893 New Zealand Advertisement Stamps: an illustrated guide to identification LV 2007
11014 David Horry The Encyclopaedia of British West Indies Postmarks: King George VI LV 2007
11015 Hal Vogel (ed Alan Warren) Essence of Polar Philately: an encyclopaedia of polar philately LV 2008
11016 Malcolm D Barton Falkland Island Flower Definitives 1968-1974: Part 1 SB 2009
11017 C L Steig & M B Watson Franked! The Official Mail of Victoria 1864-1902 LV 2008
11018 Jerry H Miller From Hinrichsen to Krag: the experimental and early machine postmarks of Germany (1866 until 1906) (2nd Edition) LV 2008
11019 J H Barwis & R W Moreton The Half-Lengths of Victoria: the stamps and postal history 1850-59 LG 2009
11020 Colin Searle 100 Years of the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain 1909-2009 S 2009
11021 William A Barber (ed asst: Norman Seidelman) The Impressed Duty Stamps of the British Colonial Empire: updated information to the first edition S 2009
11022 William A Barber & A Frank Brown The Impressed Duty Stamps of Ireland: a priced catalogue of embossed non-adhesive fiscal stamps (1774 to the present time) 2nd Edition V 2004
11023 John Kevin Doyle and David L Herendeen (editors) Index to Congress Books Nos 1 – 72 (1935-2006) S 2007
11024 Tony C Thackery Keith Collinson: cacheted cover producer B 2007
11025 Mario Mentaschi & Thomas Mathà Letter Mail from and to the Old Italian States 1850-1870 LG 2008
11026 Colin Hepper The Modern Postmarks of Nepal V 2005
11027 Mike Shand The New Zealand Airmail Catalogue S 2009
11028 Bernard Styris (comp.) New Zealand Wage Tax Stamps (based on notes by Ken J McNaught) S 2009
11029 Tom Pierron Pierron’s Modern Great Britain & Commonwealth Missing Colour Errors: 1952 to date LV 2008
11030 Kurt Hansen & John R Sabin The Return Post of the Danish Postal Service S 2007
11031 Richard C Frajola, George J Kramer & Steven C Walske The Pony Express: a postal history G+SP 2005
11032 Richard C Frajola & Frederick R Mayer The Postal History of Costa Rica to 1883 G 2008
11033 Paolo Vaccari Based on the collection of Emil Capellaro Regno Lombardo Veneto
V 2007
11034 Clive Akerman & Herbert Moll The Revenue Stamps of Peru V 2007
11035 Nicholas Arrow South African Airmails V 2008
11036 Stanley Gibbons Ltd Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue: New Zealand V 2009
11037 Richard C Frajola and Frederick R Mayer The United States Five Cent Stamp of 1856 G 2005
11038 Richard C Frajola, Michael O Perlman & Lee C Scamp The United States Post Offices in China and Japan 1867-74 G 2006
11039 Franco Rigo Venice: the places of writing and of mail (12th–18th century) LS 2008
11040 Barbara Streeter Youth Camps in New Zealand: 40 years 1966-2006 SB 2007
11041 Stanley J Kundin The Vending and Affixing Machine Coils of New Zealand G+F 2007
11042 Christer Brunström (Ed) Atalaya Cinderella Magazine SB 2007/09
11043 Bernard Hempseed (Ed) Captain Coqk (Christchurch Phil Society) SB 2007/08
11044 Robert Odenweller(Ed) The Collectors Club Philatelist (The Collectors Club) G 2008
11045 Michael Moore The Cover Collector (Australian Cover Society) S 2007/09
11046 Richard Sine (Ed) First Days (The American First Day Cover Society) LS 2008
11047 Colin Tabeart (Ed) Forces Postal History Society Journal (Forces Postal History Society) LV 2007/08
11048 John Paston (Ed) The Gannet (Hawkes Bay Philatelic Society) SB 2007/09
11049 Alan Warren (Ed) Ice Cap News (American Society of Polar Philatelists) S 2008/09
11050 Peter Leevers (Ed) India Post (India Study Circle for Philately) LS 2008
11051 Donald Chafetz The Israel Philatelist (Society of Israel Philatelists Inc) LV 2007/08
11052 Robert Spaulding & Ron Casey (Eds) Japanese Philately (International Society for Japanese Philately) V 2007/09
11053 Kendall C Sanford (Ed) La Catastrophe (Wreck and Crash Mail Society) S 2007/08
11054 Kostas Hatzis (Ed) Lighthouse of the Philatelist (Philatelic Society of Patras, Greece) V 2008
11055 Alan Tunnicliffe (Ed) New Zealand Air Mail News (Air Mail Society of NZ Inc) B 2007/09
11056 Larry Lyons (Ed) The Penny Post (Carriers and Locals Society) LV 2008
11057 Paul Albright (Ed) The Posthorn (Scandinavian Collectors Club) V 2008
11058 Bill Featherstone (Ed) The Upland Goose (Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group) LS 2008
11059 Paolo Vaccari (Ed) Vaccari Magazine (Vaccari SRL) Hors concours 1989/08
11060 Fran Adams Bone and Stone: echoes of the past through philately SB 2009
11061 Geoff Barling The Postal Rates of the Yugoslav Territories  (2nd Edit) LV 2008


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