Palmpex 2010 Stamp Show – Awards List

Grand Award: Gerald Ellott Economy Measures by the New Zealand Post Office During 1864-1878

Runner-up to the Grand Award: Dave Elsmore Victoria Revenues 1871-1900

 Class 1.3 New Zealand Championship Class
Greg Francis  Postal History Province of Otago
Robin Gwynn Maritime Disaster Mail
Frank Jans New Zealand ‘The Way We Were’ 1899-1967
Jenny Banfield  A Postal History Study of Airmails from Iraq 1919-1945
Ann Still Mourning Memorabilia
Ross Marshall Poland Foreign Postal Rates 1919-1925
Robert Livingston  New Zealand Domestic Airmails 1918-1940
Mark Benvie New Zealand Mail to Overseas Destinations 1856-1875
 A special team outside the jury room judged exhibits in this class. Points were not published but the winning entry was that of Robin Gwynn and the runner-up was Mark Benvie.
Exhibitor  Exhibit Title Pts Award*
 Class 1.2 Jury Class
Ross Marshall Aspects of Postal Manuscripts in New Zealand 89 Ru
Ross Marshall New Zealand Postal Manuscript Use 88 Ru
Ross Marshall Russia Insured Money Letters 95 LG
Sue Vernall Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika Postal History 1933-61 80 LV
 Class 2.1 Traditional – New Zealand or Australia
David Bull Australia – the 1d Green George V Issues 66 S
Tony Jones Edward VII Postage Stamps of New Zealand 90 LG+SP
Colin Larsen The 1898 New Zealand Pictorial Issue 89 G+SP
Graeme Morriss New Zealand 1935 Pictorial 72 LS
Lindsay Chitty The Language of Philately – Alphabetilately of NZ Stamps and Postal History 84 LV+SP
Colin Capill New Zealand Meter Franks 81 LV
 Class 2.2 Traditional – Other Countries
Bob Radley French Oceanic Settlements/Polynesia 71 LS
Bob Radley Condominium of the New Hebrides 72 LS
 Gary Brown South Africa – Protea Series 82 LV
 Ted Brown Bavaria 73 LS
 Harry Swanlgung Finland: the 1875-1884 Coat of Arms Issue 73 LS
Gert Ebing Prussia 73 LS
Ahmad Bin Eisa Al Serkel Abu Dhabi Stamps 1963-1973 75 V
Phil Platt Sarawak’s Three Rajahs 76 V
 Class 3.1 Postal History – New Zealand or Australia
Monica Comrie Australian Civil Censorship Mail World War II 1939-1945 76 V+SP
 Class 3.2 Postal History – Other Countries
Patricia Capill Denmark the Evolution of the Danish Postal System 74 LS
Khalid Naaem India: Postal markings and Rates of King Edward VII 60 SB
Stephen Shimmin Palestine 1948 74 LS
 Class 3.3 Postal History – Marcophily (Postal Markings)
Sinclair McLaren Great Britain – Postmarks of the Victorian Era 60 SB
Abdulla Khoory The Station Postal Markings of Egypt 73 V
Gerald Ellott Economy measures by the New Zealand Post Office During 1864-1878 93 93 LG+SP
Tony Schluter Postal History of the Far North of New Zealand 74 LS
 Class 3.4 Postal History – Historical, Social or Special Studies
Gerald Ellott Royal Navy Ships in New Zealand & Australia 1789-1913 87 G+Fel +SP
 Class 4.1 Postal Stationery
D John Wilson Lettercards of New Zealand
Alistair Gow Great Britain Registered Postal Stationery 1878-1923 75 V
Tony Jones Edward VII Postal Stationery of New Zealand 80 LV
Paul Yap Ceylon: Victorian Postal Stationery 89 G+SP
Lionel Savins Postal Stationery of New Zealand 1935-1967 74 LS
 Class 4.2 Aerophilately
Gary Brown The Airgraph Service 83 LV+SP
David Collyer Years of Change 77 V
 Class 4.4 Thematics
Graeme Russell Chemistry Servant of mankind 90 LG+SP
Majed Jaber The Horse 54 B
Clace Schwabe A Philatelic Encyclopaedia of Sport 59 B
Peter Bamber Roses 76 V
Yvette Trinidad Medical Discoveries 65 S
Paul Bisley Aircraft of World War II 52 B
 Class 4.5 Revenues
Dennis Miles USA Revenues
Dave Elsmore Victoria Revenues 1871-1900 91 LG+Fel +SP
Dave Elsmore Victoria Revenues 1901-1965 88 G
Claude Poulsen Rajputana 66 S
Ron & Shirley Hebberd American Civil War Revenues 1862-1883 78 V
Ian McMahon Queensland Revenue Stamps 86 G
 Class 4.6 Maximaphily
Ross Wood History of Aviation 68 S
 Class 4.7 One Frame
Tony Schluter Kaitaia Airmail 76 Em
Douglas Prescott NZ Christmas 1960-61 73 Em
Abdul Wahid Pakistan – 10th Anniversary of UNO 69 Sa
Elspeth Wells New Zealand 1960-1967 Pictorial – Middle Values 71 Em
Mark Wooller The Used 1935 New Zealand Pictorial 56 To
Pauline Schwartz Japanese New Year Stamps 67 Sa
Terry Isaac Tristan da Cunha Cachets and Cancels 85 Ru+SP
Clace Schwabe Correspondence of the Armies of the French Republic: Official Military Exempt Postal cards 1914-18 74 Em
Terry Isaac Ascension (Expat) Island 69 Sa
George Stewart Prelude to the Penny Post 65 Sa
Tony Jones Queen Elizabeth II Registered Postal Stationery 72 Em
Rick Oxenham Motorcycle Courier Service CAM 1 74 Em
Dennis Gallagher The Chinese Lunar New Year 64 Sa
Sandy Johnston Chocolate for beginners 82 Ru+SP
Helen Robb Sir Francis Drake 67 Sa
Hank Smits Non Mechanical Timekeepers 68 Sa
Helen Robb Mount Taranaki 68 Sa
Violet Stewart Singer – Sewing Machine of Social Change 76 Em+SP
Frans van der Plas Mills – What Are They? 71 Em
Sue Simmonds Conquest of the North Pole 80 Ru
Robyn Powell The Fungi Kingdom 68 Sa
Monica Comrie The Humble Chicken 74 Em
Valerie Sykes Cats 65 Sa
Lynne Nicholl A Prickly Affair 73 Em
Tony Schluter Russell (Kororareka) – First Post Office of New Zealand 72 Em
 Class 5.1 Youth ‘A’ up to 15 years, 1-3 frames
Brydon Sundgren The Boeing Aeronautic Legacy 69 S+SP
Kieran Liddington NZ Christmas 1960-1979 68 S
Isabella Beach Animals, Pets, Farms and Wild 65 S+SP
 Class 5.2 Youth ‘B’ 16-18 years, 2-5 frames
N Bin Ahmad Al Serkel Dubai Stamps: Errors and varieties 73 LS+SP
Tait Beekmans Queen Elizabeth II 71 LS
Timothy Kemp The Beautiful Games – Football 72 LS
 Class 6.4 Open
Ross Dean Used 1920 New Zealand Victory Stamps 61 SB
Ken Markham Stamps, Mail & Ephemera – a Window on NZ’s Early New Zealand History 83 LV+SP
John Paston Britannia and British Royal Yachts 75 V
Dawn Radley Handcrafts 83 LV+SP
 Jim Kirk Winged Rainbows – Macaws 80 LV
Pauline Schwartz Portrait of the Artist 56 B
Barry Smith Commercial Propeller Aircraft 1910-1960s 67 S
John Comrie World Airlines of Yesteryear 65 S
Frances Burton  Knitting 58 B
 Class 6.6 Frugal Challenge
John Waller Celebrating 150 Years of New Zealand Stamps 74 Em
Christine Mitchell New Zealand Unique in Every Way 79 Em+SP
 Class 6.7a Adult Development 1-2 frames
Darryl Baxter 1960 Pictorials of New Zealand 68 Sa
Wendy Barrett-Prescott Beacons of the Night Around New Zealand 56 To
Christine Mitchell Christmas is Coming 74 Em+SP
Leigh Gravestock War in the Pacific 1941-45 64 Sa
David Simms West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand 58 To
Margaret Little Floriography 56 To
Michael Christensen Sun Yat-Sen, Chinese Revolutionary Leader 57 To
Gary Cooper Peter, the 1938 Health Stamp Boy 57 To
 Class 6.7b Adult Development 8 pages
Gillian Grimwood Malawi – the Pictorial Definitive Issue 71 Em
Peter Robertson New Zealand Butterfly Definitives 1991-1997 56 To
Grace Phillips The Life and Times of the Queen Mother 56 To
Polina Jilina Printing and Varieties in New Zealand Stamps 66 Sa
Ian Burtt New Zealand 1931 Arms Issue 57 To
Bruce Tapp New Zealand Game Bird Stamps 54 To
Judy Millar Butterflies 56 To
Bruce Isted Moving the Mail 73 Em+SP
Judy Millar Cambridge Stamps 53 To
 Class 7.1 Youth Development below 13 years, 8 or 16 pages
Hadley Muller Dinosaurs Extreme 67 Sa+SP
Sharon McTaggart Wild Cats of the World 66 Sa
Charyne Sundgren Man and His Dog 67 Sa
Kacy Bellve Elephants 77 Em
Ryan Smith The Armed Forces 67 Sa
Aaron Marshall Prehistoric Animals 61 Sa
Ben Marshall Orbiting the Earth 56 To
Catherine Davies Horses and Us 60 Sa
 Class 7.2 Youth Development 13-15 years, 8 or 16 pages
Jonathon Davies Sea Turtles 69 Sa
Michael Davis New Zealand 1996 78 Em
Louisa Slack Queen Elizabeth II Redrawn Values 59 To
Anna McTaggart Wild to Working 83 83 Ru+SP
 Class 8.1 Postcards 1-2 frames
Pauline Schwartz The Eastern Districts of Otago 78 Em
Lynne Kitchin Louis Wain & the Summer Cat Show 55 To
Yvette Trinidad Singer Manufacturing Co. – the World’s Columbian Exposition 1893 54 To
Brian Vincent The Forgotten World Highway – Route 43 68 Sa
Hank Smits The Floral Clock of Christchurch 80 Ru
Donna Stenhouse The Last Age of Elegance 83 Ru+SP
 Class 8.2 Postcards 3-8 frames
Jeff Trinidad Shirley Temple – 56 Ringlets 63 SB
Lynn Kitchin Sydney Harbour 71 S
Yvonne Benson Taonga Maori 95 G+D +SP
Donal Duthie A Biography with Postcards 78 S
Raymond Mullholland The Many Faces of Raphael Tuck 71 S
Tony Jones In Search of Salmonidae 67 SB
 Class 8.3 Postcards 8 pages
Bruce Isted Wanganui Generic Postcards 69 Sa

* Key to Awards

Medals  Gemstones
LG = Large Gold D = Diamond
G+D = Gold with Distinction (postcards) Ru = Ruby
G = Gold Em = Emerald
LV = Large Vermeil Sa = Sapphire
V = Vermeil To = Topaz
LS = Large Silver
S = Silver Other codes
SB = Silver Bronze Fel = Felicitations
B = Bronze SP = Special Prize