Timpex 2009 Stamp Show – Award List

Grand Award: Norman Banfield Russia – censorship of mail 1878-1920

Runner-up to the Grand Award: James Johnstone The cross and numeral design of Switzerland and its usage: 1882-1906

Exhibitor Title of Exhibit Pts Award*
 Class 1.1 Invited Displays – Non Competitive
Jenny Banfield Laughter is the Best Medicine
Ray Bennett  
Gerald Ellott A Working Reference collection of the NZ first issue of postage stamps
John Wilson The cards of Timaru photographer William Ferrier
Jeff Long I am a basketball
Est. Robert Samuel Leaf Mail
NZ POST NZ Postal Administrations
 Class 1.2 Jury Class
Paul Yap New Zealand postage dues 84 LV
Tony Thackery Customised advertising labels Messrs Opie and Dron Palmerston North 70 E
Colin Larsen Postal rates & services current during the issue period of NZ’s first pictorials 74 LS
Bruce Chadderton Whakarewarewa – a guided life 1880-1955 91 G-d
Sue Claridge Under the Lights’ mail to the operating theatre 60 S
Jillian Williams Kingfishers 76 E
Robin Gwynn New Zealand: the 1882 provisionals 90 D
Colin Larsen Gleanings from a Samoan waste paper basket 1983-1992 70  LS
Karen Jeffrey Victoria’s dynasty 68 S
John Wilson 19th Century New Zealand lettercards 85 R
 Class 2.1 Aerophilately
John Bodnar 1st regular & intl airmail service in the world: Vienna-Cracow-Lemberg-Kiev 84 LV
Bernard Beston Air mails of British Guiana 70 LS
 Class 2.2 Astrophilately
Denis Gallagher Eagle has Landed 68 S
 Class 2.4 One Frame
Bruce Henderson Cochin pre-stamped postcards through six reigns 68 Sa
Norman Banfield St Petersburg – residence related taxes 90 D
Paul Xavier Fiji – King Edward VII – first watermark definitive issue (1903) 74 E
Elspeth Wells Picton Post Office 62 Sa
Elspeth Wells 1946 Health Stamps and covers 63 Sa
Gerald Ellott The Crimean War 88 R
Bruce Henderson A little bit of Germany in our backyard 64 Sa
Bruce Henderson Katanga – land of copper 60 Sa
Donald Mee Censorship in Samoa – World War I 86 R
George Stewart Prelude to the penny post 57 T
Annette Morgan Richard III 62 Sa
Sue Simmonds Amelia Earhart DFC 70 E
Douglas Prescott New Zealand Christmas stamps 67 Sa
Douglas Prescott New Zealand Christmas 1975 69 Sa
Warren Collingwood World War I patriotic and fund raising labels of New Zealand 80 R
H C Smits Non mechanical timekeepers 66  Sa
W Barrett-Prescott Beacons of the night 61 Sa
 Class 2.5 Open
Rick Oxenham Lord of the Rings 73 LS
Sue Vernall Dr David Livingstone 1813-1873 75 V
Ross Dean 1920 NZ Victory Stamps. Timaru and Oamaru postmarks & usage 63 SB
Helen Robb The delightful teddy bear – forever your friend 78 V
Annette Morgan Bats 64 SB
Lynne Nicholl Open wide – a bite at dentistry 83 LV
Frank Glen The 1000 year failure – Hitler’s Germany 1933-1945 74 LS
 Class 2.6 Postal History
Alan Grey British New Guinea and Papua (1891-1942) 79 V
David Collyer France – Oceania airmail rates 1934-1993 79 V
David Loe The postal history of the Allied Forces in Iceland in World War II 78 V
Raymond Wisbey The use of the postal system from 1642 to 1860 69 S
AJ Schluter Postal history of the Far North New Zealand 79 V
Norman Banfield Russia – censorship of mail 1878-1920 93 LG+fel
Gerald Ellott Economy measures by NZPO 1864-1876 93 LG+fel
Greg Francis Postal history – Province of Otago 87 G
James Zhang Cultural revolution era in China 88 G
Sinclair McLaren GB – postmarks & other official markings assoc with Q Victoria’s reign 64 SB
 Class 2.6A Postal History – Historical, Social and Special Studies
James Johnstone The postal services in Operation Crossroads 86 G+fel
David Smitham Letter coding 78 V
Ross Marshall New Zealand coal southern region 87 G
 Class 2.7 Postal Stationery
Ross Wood Czechoslovakia postal cards 1918-1938 76 V
Max Watson Franked official mail of Victoria 84 LV
Joan Orr Peoples Republic of China New Year 73 LS
Malcolm Groom Tasmanian embossed stationery 1883-1912, commerce and collectors 86 G
Ian McMahon Queen Elizabeth II postal stationery of Canada 71 LS
Anthony Lyon New Zealand Queen Victoria postal cards 1876-1901 68 S
Len Jury Queen Victoria to King George V, 1876-1936 73 LS
 Class 2.8 Revenues
S & R Hebberd American Civil War revenues 1862 to 1883 80 LV
 Class 2.9 Thematics
John Slattery The Candle 71 LS
H C Smits Umbrellas, parasols and parasollets 63 SB
Doug South Our feathered friends 87 G
Denise Rosenfeldt The social history of tea 74 LS
 Class 2.10 Traditional Philately
Fred Saunders Id Kiwi 67 S
Phil Platt Sarawak’s three Rajahs 78 V
Joshua Black Croatian Landscapes 1941-43 81 LV 81 LV
Ken Moore Northern Rhodesia 1917 to 1963 74 LS 74 LS
Ken Moore The postage stamps of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1953-1963 70 LS
Paul Barsdell Benin / Dahomey 86 G
Jan Gane Stand by Sheqel 1980-1985 65 S
Paul Fletcher Niue 90 LG
George Stewart The King’s head design of Southern Rhodesia King George VI definitives 80 LV
Helen Harris New Zealand official stamps and related material 78 V
W G Register Japan perfins 70 LS
Douglas Prescott New Zealand Christmas stamps 1967-1974 58 B
Geoffrey Kellow The decimal definitives of Sierra Leone, 1964-1971 70 LS
Ted Brown Bavaria 74 LS
Lindsay Chitty The A to Z of New Zealand Examples of philatelic terms 79 V
Robert Radley Canal Zone 79 V
S & R Hebberd The fourth bureau issue of the USA 1922 to 1932 65 S
Paul Wales 1971 4c provisional issue of New Zealand 68 S
Edward Fairbrass New Zealand International Exhibition held at Christchurch 1906-07 75 V
 Tim Beach 1960 Pictorials – NZ 87 G
Derek Pocock The trials and tribulations of the Nicaraguan postal service 69 S
James Johnstone The cross and numeral design of Switzerland and its usage: 1882-1906 93 LG
H Waite New Zealand commercial perfins 1881-1956 81 LV
Murray Taege Change in -archy, change in -cracy 77 V
 Class 2.11 Youth – 10-15 years Other (1 – 3 frames)
Michael Davis Ultimate train 78 V
Isabella Beach Animals – pets, farm, wild 68 S
Timothy Kemp The beautiful game – football 76 V
 Class 2.12 Youth – 16-18 years Other (2 – 4 frames)
Tait Beekmans New Zealand QEII definitives 1953-1960 74 LS
 Class 3.0 Frugal Philately
Mike Harvey Garden bird survey 66 Sa
Ross Marshall Russian inflation 1991-1996 foreign postal rates 74 LS
 Class 3.2 First Day Covers
Peter Grenfell North Otago Philatelic Club commemorative covers 1981-1993 64 SB
 Class 3.3 Polar Philately
Kevin Dwyer A.N.A.R.E. the first 50 years 1947-1997 84 LV
Ross Marshall Soviet Antarctica 1955-1959 83 LV
Paul Stark Terra Australis Incognita. The finding of a great southern continent 73 LS
Paul Wales The 1901-04 British National Antarctic Expedition 92 LG
Paul Wales A potted history of Campbell Island (NZ) 85 G
 Class 3.4 Postcards 1 – 2 Frames
Donal Duthie Stewart Is Postcards from the Glossine Series of Fergusson & Taylor 82 R
Derek Pocock The Perfection Series of Western Australia 74 E
Evie South Picton – and the discovery of a lost love 90 D
RS Andrews Home for Christmas 69 Sa
Denise Gallagher Airports 73 E
Jenny Long Estuary to esplanade; the Sumner coastline 82 R
Jill Glasson A distant view – looking back to a New Zealand lifestyle a century ago 78 E
D Stenhouse The last age of elegance 81 R
 William Main Pelorus Jack 78 E
 Class 3.5 Postcards 3 – 5 Frames
Lynda Saunders The Waiau Ferry Bridge and beyond 82 S-d
Jeff Trinidad Philip Boileau – painter of fair women 75 S-d
Jeff Trinidad Katherine Gassaway – A childs artist 82 S-d
Derek Pocock Postcards of the Society for Propagation of the Gospel (in foreign parts) 77 S-d
Ann Still A postcard view of early Nelson and district 91 G-d
Ray Mulholland The many faces of Raphael Tuck 77 S-d
Yvonne Benson Taonga Maori. Traditional arts and crafts of the Maori 91 G-d
George Stewart E. T. Brown’s Rhodesia 86 G
Robert Duns From Ferrymead to Sumner 66 S
 Class 3.6 Adult Development (1 or 2 Frames)
Valerie Oxenham  The Christmas story 74 E
Louise Brownie Kauri 83 R
N P Gane The coronation of King George VI – 17 May 1937 60 Sa
Alan Tunnicliffe The Post Office Savings Bank 60 Sa
Ken Ward 150 years of humanity in action 62 Sa
Eugene Jones Postage due stamps and cachets of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe 60 Sa
Malcolm Westgarth Xth Commonwealth Games Christchurch, NZ 24 Jan to 2 Feb 1974 56 T
Paula Hucklesby Read me a story 80 R
 Class 3.7 Youth Development – under 13 yrs (8 or 16 pages)
Warrick Wright New Zealand revenues 76 E
Michael Davis New Zealand 1996 62 Sa
Leyton Wright Planes World War I and World War II 65 Sa
Hadley Muller Dinosaur Extreme 63 Sa
Amy Rosenfeldt New Zealand rose definitives 68 Sa
Amy Rosenfeldt Electricity 61 Sa
Chris Townsend The act of flight 60 Sa
 Class 3.8 Youth Development – 13-15 yrs (8 or 16 pages)
Anna McTaggart Wild to working – it’s a dog’s life 71 E
Louisa Slack Queen Elizabeth II redrawn values 62 Sa
Kieran Liddington NZ Christmas 73 E
Felicity Andrews Animal conservation – protection for future generations 73 E
Hanley Wright Coral reef beauty 70 E
Sharon McTaggart Wild cats of the world 63 Sa
Leaf Burrows  Machins 1993-2002 64 Sa

* Key to Awards

Medals Gemstone awards Felicitations
LG = Large Gold D = Diamond + fel = felicitations
G = Gold R = Ruby
LV = Large Vermeil (Large Silver Gold) E = Emerald Postcards
V = Vermeil (Silver Gold) Sa = Sapphire – d = distinction
LS = Large Silver T = Topaz
S = Silver
SB = Silver Bronze
B = Bronze