Treatment Idea and Plan

  • Title is accurate and interesting
  • Subject matter of the exhibit is clearly stated
  • Plan matches the title and subject
  • Plan gives balanced coverage of subject
  • Front page has inviting layout

  • Plan is followed through the exhibit
  • Text develops the plan
  • Clear distinction between information about the subject, and technical information
  • Text supports the postcards without dominating them
  • Postcards match development of text and plan
  • Range of postcards demonstrates breadth & depth of material. Archive material may be used.
  • Choice of postcards used and their placement is appropriate
Knowledge & Research Knowledge & Research of the Subject

  • Plan and text demonstrates in-depth knowledge of topic
  • Knowledge is demonstrated by selection of postcards
  • Knowledge is demonstrated by linkages between text and postcards
  • Exhibit shows evidence of original research, or, in-depth study
Knowledge & Research of the Cards

  • Shows wide knowledge of photographers, as appropriate
  • Shows knowledge of printers and publishers appropriate to the postcards used
  • Shows knowledge of printing techniques applicable to the postcards used
  • Information provided goes beyond that usually accessible
  • Subject-specific postcard information (e.g. local photographer, publishers) included
  • Integrated understanding of a range of technical knowledge in relation to exhibit material
  • Postcards from earlier periods are used – for printed or real photo postcards
  • A wide range of photographers, publishers are included, especially local or uncommon
  • Privately produced cards are included, if appropriate
  • Unusual postcard views are included rather than ‘common’ views
  • Important items are of good quality
  • General items are of high quality
  • There are no poor quality items included unless they are also important.
  • Layout is clear and easy to follow
  • Headings and subheadings are clear
  • Text is clear and easy to read
  • Method of display is neat and clean
  • Exhibit has good aesthetic balance