New Zealand 14th National Philatelic Literature Exhibition

Under NZ Philatelic Federation patronage in conjunction with The Capital Stamp Show 2015

The Organising Committee invites entries from New Zealand and overseas to be judged and displayed at the New Zealand 14th National Philatelic Literature Exhibition.

A PDF version can be downloaded from Literature prospectus Mar 2015.


Specialised philatelic literature exhibitions have been held in New Zealand every second year since 1989. They have drawn worldwide support and have served to introduce collectors, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, to literature that is available to assist them develop their collecting knowledge and interests. Entries to these past exhibitions are accessible to society members and are used by philatelic exhibition judges.
The organising committee for this exhibition welcomes postcard literature and, for the first time, is actively encouraging entries of electronic media.

Fees and Entry Forms

The submission of one copy (at least one year’s issues for journals) of the printed media (Classes 1 or 2) or static electronic media (Class 3) or the URL for the active electronic media (Class 4) together with contact details (postal address and e-mail of the exhibitor) will be deemed to be the application for a competitive entry together with acceptance of the rules of the Exhibition.
Submission of material received for the non-competitive classes (Class 5 and 6) will be deemed to be acceptance of the rules of the Exhibition.

Acceptance of Entries

  1. Entries may be submitted by the author, compiler, editor, publisher, sponsoring organisation or society or any other individual holding proprietary rights.
  2. Entries must be received by the organising committee:
    1. at PO Box 2146, Wellington 6140, New Zealand;
      1. competitive entries by 30 June 2015 to provide sufficient time for judging; or
      2. non-competitive entries by 22 October 2015.
  3. Entries sent from outside New Zealand must be declared as a “Gift” for Customs purposes.
  4. Entries should be accompanied by information about where and at what cost they may be obtained and for competitive entries this will be included in the Awards List and in the case of non-competitive entries will be made available at The Capital Stamp Show 2015. If order forms are provided, they will be put out for viewers at the exhibition.
  5. The entry will be retained after the exhibition and placed in the library of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, Wellington.

Competitive entries

Competitive entries should be wholly or predominantly in English or bi-lingual including English.
They will be placed in one of the following classes.
Printed media:
Class 1 Books, monographs, and catalogues published after 1 January 2010
Class 2 Periodicals and journals published after 1 January 2013 – the most recent one, or preferably two, volumes or years.
Electronic media (published since 1 January 2012)
Class 3 Static media CD, DVD, USB, SD cards, etc. in Word, PDF, PowerPoint, video and other formats.
Class 4 Interactive media/websites

Non-competitive entries

Non-competitive entries will not be judged but will be displayed at the exhibition and be available for perusal by the public attending. These classes have been established to allow entries that might not meet the requirements of competitive entries or whose publishers do not wish to have them judged but would still like them to be made available at the exhibition to publicise their product or services.
Class 5 Printed media
Class 6 Demonstration software

Electronic media

All submitted electronic media in classes 3 and 6 should be ‘read only’ and will be virus scanned.
The organising committee will advise the submitter if any file received cannot be opened to see if the issue can be resolved and for class 3 this process may be used in assessment of the entry.

Judging, medal and critiques

  1. Entries will be judged by a panel of experienced philatelic literature judges under the Chairmanship of Jeff Long using the FIP Special Regulations and Guidelines for philatelic literature
  2. Medals and certificates will be awarded at the discretion of the Judges in the following categories: Large Gold, Gold, Large Vermeil, Vermeil, Large Silver, Silver, Silver Bronze and Bronze.
  3. A number of special prizes will be available.
  4. A written critique with split of points awarded will be sent to each exhibitor.

Reporting results

A complete list of entries and awards from past NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibitions is provided on the NZPF website and the catalogues of the past four exhibitions are also on the FIP Philatelic Literature Commission website The competitive entries for the 14th exhibition will be added to both websites.
A copy of the exhibition’s Awards List will be sent to all entrants and also to New Zealand and Australian Philatelic Societies to ensure they are aware of the existence and availability of this literature.


We look forward to receiving your entry together with your e-mail address so that we can acknowledge receipt of your entry. We also request your postal address so we can send any award, medal, certificate and Awards List to you in due course. Please state clearly the name of the person or persons whose name is to appear on the certificate.